Who is Han Hyo Jo’s Boyfriend and Ex-Boyfriend? Let’s Find Out!

Who is Han Hyo Jo?

Popular actress Han Hyo Jo who has appeared in high viewership drama such as “brilliant heritage”. It is called a national pure actress with a cute look with transparency and sometimes won first prize in the ranking “Actress I want you to bring as a bride”.

In 2011 he signed a management contract with the entertainment office belonging to Hirosue Ryouko and Arimura is active as an actress in Japan. What kind of man was rumored to be much in love with Han Hyo Jo?

Han Hyo Ju’s enthusiasm for boyfriend The first person is Bae Soo Bin


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The first one is Bae Soo Bin, famous for its late blooming actor. Initially co-starred in the drama “Brilliant Legacy” broadcasted in 2009, he also co-starred in the drama “Tongyi” that was broadcasted the following year.

The enthusiasm became whispered from the fact that he showed up on the field of a press conference, and the episode that Bae Soo Bin gave the poetry to Han Hyo Ju who was not shooting was also shown.

However, it seems that it was not a romantic relationship with one of the good co-stars who made it to the last. Bae Soo Bin is married to a general woman under the age of 8 in 2013.

Han Hyo Ju’s enthusiasm for boyfriend The second person is Lee Seung Gi


The second person is Lee Seung Gi, a popular actor loved by a wide generation as “the younger brother of the people”. Initially co-starred in the drama “Non-Stop” broadcast in 2005, and then again with “Brilliant Legacy” again.

The enthusiasm became whispered from playing a lover’s role in the drama, and it was thought that enthusiasm was decisive as a figure dating privately was caught.

However, it is told that it was not one of the love relationships with one of the good co-stars who made it to the last. They were at the same age and also as college classmates, they seem to have just played as friends rather than dates.

Han Hyo Ju’s beloved boyfriend The third person is Kang Dohan


The third person is actor/businessman Kang Dohan who appeared in a drama “Let’s get married” “Full House” etc.

It is said that Han Hyo Ju and Kang Doha know acquainted with their acquaintance and developed into a relationship of love. Even though I was busy with filming, Han Hyyoju was enjoying the date with Kang Dohan, and the entertainment officials testified, and the enthusiasm was considered to be decisive.

However, Han Hyo Ju himself denied passionate love. Through my affiliated office, I answer “It is a pleasurable relationship that I can reveal the troubles of my work with a relationship of a junior-senior.” Currently 29-year-old Han Hyo Ju, but there seems to have never been taken definitive pictures so far as it is called “national pure actress”.

Incidentally, in 2013, a variety of speculations such as “Do you think you are a lover?” As a result of an incident threatening to “publicize private photos” from former managers flew away, but after all the picture was a birthday party It seemed like a picture you took with an acquaintance and was not a lover.