Cute and Funny! Han Da-gam (Han Eun-jung)’s Appearance on the Variety Show Knowing Bros!


Full House Actress Han Eun-jung on Knowing Bros

Knowing Brothers is a Korean variety show that is known for its variety in guests and also entertaining segments. For the past 2, going on 3 years, the show has served audiences with a show themed after a school, that is very hard hitting and hilarious with its inside jokes and casual speech. On the 67th episode, aired on March 18th 2017, actress Han Eun-jung and former Super Junior member, Henry, came on the show as guests and rocked the worlds of the series regulars.

Han Eun-jung is a an actress most known for her appearance in Full House, alongside Song Hye-kyo and Rain, and Cinderella Man alongside Kim Kwang-soo and Lee Hyeok. Recently, she has come into light for the change in name she has gone under from Han Eun-jung to Han Da-gam. So do you want to know more about actress Han Eun-jung? Let’s start by taking a closer look at her appearance on Knowing Bros!

Han Eun-jung in Knowing Bros

On the 67th episode of Knowing Bros, actress Han Eun-jung and Henry came to visit as guests, entering the classroom with warm responses. Han Eun-jung started off by introducing herself, stating that she is a transfer student from Impudent High School. She seem to exude the kind of personality that matches well with the regular casts’ blatant and outspoken nature and compliments Henry’s tendencies to a be a little bit clueless about everything. Han Eun-jung did not come to particularly promote anything like her new projects as an actress thus they ended her introduction there.

Making a Theme Song Together

As part of her introduction, Han Eun-jung revealed that one of her weaknesses is her feel, and to save it decided to sing a trot song. As it turns out, she completely has no sense of music and struggles to sing the song properly, surprising both Henry and the regular casts. As it seems, she might have no affinity music after all, a stark contrast with Henry, who is known for his musical genius from a young age.

In light of Henry’s musical talents, the show decided to shake up the segment at the end by asking him to help produce and write a theme song for the show. This process involves a beat he makes and voice samples from all the casts, including Han Eun-jung, in a way that mimics the production of an acapella. The members sing in various way to contribute to said song but when it comes to Han Eun-jung, she let’s out a noise that accidentally sounds quite erotic. The cast members made a joke about it, as Han Eun-jung still fails to realize who crucial the sound she made was to the song, the song ended up sound quite odd with the addition of her part, but it gave way for one of the more iconic moments on the show.

Funny Moments of Han Eun-jung

Something that all the female guests get asked when they are introducing themselves is which Knowing Bros cast member is the closest to their ideal type and if they would date them in real life. To this question, Han Eun-jung answered Min Kyung-hoon quite unexpectedly, with Min Kyung-hoon following up asking if she has anyone she currently seeing at the moment, supposedly hitting her up. Han Eun-jung answered by saying she came on the show because she isn’t seeing anyone. This angered the casts as they state she should just go on a dating site instead. Han Eun-jung is known to have a boyfriend before appearing on the show but since has broken up, fueling the debates between the casts.

Latest News of Han Eun-jung

On December 10, Han Eun-jung’s agency revealed that she will start to promote under a new name, Han Da-gam. Different than her previous name, that is actually her real name, after ten years in the industry, she has decided to go with a stage name. Her agency wrote, “She made this decision after lots of thinking with the agency and her parents because she wants to be remembered with a unique name while promoting as an actress, and she wants to be more close with the public. Please think of this as a process to become a better actress and we hope that you’ll accept it with an open mind.”

They added, “We thank all of the fans who always love Han Eun-jung and she will try to show you better appearances as actress Han Da-gam from now on.” So what do you think of Han Eun-jung’s appearance on Knowing Bros? Leave your thoughts and opinions down below!