All You Need to Know About HALO’s Dino (Profile, Facts, Visual, and Eye Contact)

HALO (헤일로) is a 2nd generation k-pop boy group that debuted under the label High Star Entertainment on June 26, 2014, with the release of their first single “Fever”. The name HALO is a shorten from Hexagon of Absolute Light and the Organization. The group debuted with 6 members:  Ooon, Dino, In-haeng, Jae-yong, Hee-cheon, and Yoon-dong. The group made their first stage debut in the weekly music program MBC’s Show! Music Core on June 28, 2015.

The group has released a total of 3 mini-albums and 3 single-albums throughout their career in Korea. Unfortunately, the group was reported to end their exclusive contract with their agency on May 29, 2019. There hasn’t been any news regarding the group’s future activities as they haven’t released anything ever since though the group also still doesn’t declare their disbandment publicly.

Speaking of the group, it is not complete without talking about the members. One of the group’s member is Dino, who stood out with his charming eyes. Are you curious to know more about him? If so, let’s get personal with him by scrolling down the article below!

Full Profile of HALO’s Dino

Stage Name: Dino (디노)
Birth Name: Jo Sung-ho (조성호)
Position: Main Vocalist
Birthday: December 25, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 176 cm (5’9″)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood Type: O​

Fun Facts That You Need to Know About HALO’s Dino

  1. Busan, South Korea, is his hometown
  2. He was born to a professor father and a pianist mother
  3. He studied at Korea National Open University
  4. He is friends with BTS J-Hope and B.A.P Youngjae as the three of them went to JYP’s audition together
  5. Hamburger is his favorite food
  6. Black and white are his favorite colors
  7. He’s the “’father’ of the group
  8. He is a fan of the “Spiderman” franchise
  9. His stage name Dino comes from ‘Dinosaur’, because many people say he resembles one
  10. He wants to visit U.S.A
  11. On August 21, 2018, he was enlisted to the military and thus didn’t participate in HALO’s  latest promotional activities for two years

Personality of HALO’s Dino

As the oldest member of the group, Dino is often the ‘father’ figure of the group. And due to his responsible and thoughtful nature, many people say that he matched the role very well.

At the beginning of their career, the group caught in a lot of controversies with fans as many reports starting from the members dating to giving the fans’ gifts to their girlfriends and throwing away the gifts started to come into the surface.

Dino himself once caught in a controversy when he composed a poem with a fan’s name in it using an inappropriate word.

The group then launched an official press release on November 30, 2015, clarifying the rumors and said that the members of HALO met directly with their fans in person to clear up the misunderstanding.

In the meeting, the group is reported to apologizing and clarifying rumors with their fans.

Dino, as one of the members who got into controversy, uploaded a personal letter through the official website. He didn’t try to defend himself and instead sincerely apologizing to the fans. He wrote, “I feel responsible that I wasn’t able to take care of my team as the oldest member. We tried to approach fans like a friendly neighborhood oppa, but I think we just created more misunderstandings. Please accept our sincere apologies.”

He also participated in the ALS campaign and support ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’, proving his helpful nature.

In a section of Arirang’s Pops in Seoul, the members introduced Dino as someone who’s smart (due to his father’s background), funny when there’s no camera around, and good at cooking.

Check out their warm and funny interaction above!

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