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Get Closer With Haha and Byul from Running Man

Fans of the Korean variety show Running Man must be familiar with its cast member, HaHa. This 38-year-old performer won his place in audiences hearts with his silly behavior that makes people laugh. Besides his journey on Running Man, his married life with the singer, Byul, on November 30, 2012, was also a concern. Here is the journey of HaHa and Byul’s love story, from their marriage until now.

Details About Haha and Byul’s Married Life

HaHa’s marriage to Byul in 2012 was quite sudden and surprised many, including the other Running Man members. In fact, Kim Jong Kook was angry when he heard they were getting married because he felt betrayed by HaHa’s sudden announcement. Apparently, HaHa and Byul had a secret relationship, so not many people knew about their true status. Besides Kim Jong Kook, Suzy ‘Miss A’ also reacted to HaHa and Byul’s marriage. In fact, Suzy felt “betrayed” because when she and HaHa were filming on the same program, HaHa admitted that he liked Suzy. Apparently, many other female celebrities “complained” about HaHa’s marriage, as well.

HaHa is known for being silly and cracking audiences up regularly. No wonder he also wanted to make his marriage a funny and unforgettable moment. In a post on his Twitter account, photographer Oh Joong Suk uploaded a rather funny wedding photo of Haha and Byul. In the photo, HaHa is wearing a shirt and blue pants with a hairstyle that covers his eyes. HaHa looks like he is circling Byul, who is posing beautifully in the mirror. Creative, and unique.

In January, 2013, HaHa announced that his wife had been pregnant for three months. Of course this made the public speculate that Byul was pregnant before the wedding, because at the time of their marriage they had just stepped on for two months. HaHa immediately stated that the news was not true. “That does not mean she is pregnant before we get married, but she is pregnant before the ceremony (marriage). We have registered our marriage before,” HaHa explained as quoted by Live Journal. Finally, on July 9, 2013, Byul gave birth to their first son, named Ha Deu-rim, aka Dream.

When filling out the Same Bed event, Different Dreams 2, on July 16, 2018, HaHa revealed that in six years of sharing a household with Byul, they rarely quarreled. In fact, HaHa only mentioned two great fights with his wife during the course of their marriage. “When we quarreled, I realized that my wife was the right person. I accepted and considered it a suggestion to change my wrong actions, so that a fight would not occur,” HaHa said. Wow, it’s worth it if their household is always harmonious.

Before their marriage, Byul had revealed her reason for being willing to accept HaHa as her husband. Through the Strong Heart event on October 9, 2012, the singer, whose real name is Kim Go Eun, revealed that even though the audience saw HaHa’s childish attitude on television, HaHa turned out to be an adult and responsible. HaHa’s sincerity and honesty made her fall in love and  be willing to spend her life with him. Really unexpected, huh?

Be happy with HaHa and Byul’s household. Last forever!

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