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Ha Yoo-mi

Everything You Need To Know About South Korean Veteran Actress Ha Yoo-mi

One of the veteran actresses from South Korea, Ha Yoo-mi, made her debut appearance as one of a cast on a movie titled ‘Byun Kang-soi 3’ as Ong-nyeo that was released on 1988. The actress who was born in 1965 has a very good career path in entertainment industry because she has appeared in several movies and also dramas with different characters.

In this article, we will take a look at more information that will be provided about the South Korean actress, Ha Yoo-mi who is famous for the various roles she plays in the entertainment industry!

Full Profile Of Ha Yoo-mi

Ha Yoo-mi

Name : Ha Yoo-mi (hangul: 하유미)

Birth :  Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea, July 7, 1965

Star Sign : Cancer

Height : 167 cm

Weight : 49 kg

Marital Status : Married

Education :

  • Lira Elementary School
  • Hatsudai Junior
  • High School Hatsuda High School
  • Otani Women’s University B.A. in Ballet

Family Member : Husband ( Clarence Ip )

Ha Yoo-mi Movies, K-Drama, Variety Shows List

As an actress who has often appeared in several dramas and movies, Ha Yoo-mi is also famous for her character who has a very strong personality. If you haven’t previously known Ha Yoo-mi from her appearances through dramas or movies, let’s check out in this session below to get to know more about Ha Yoo-mi’s role with amazing appearances and great acting skill!

Ha Yoo-mi In Queen of Reversals

One of the last dramas starring Ha Yoo-mi was ‘Queen of Reversals’ with the role of Han Song-yi. The drama was broadcast from October 18, 2010 to February 1, 2011 with a total of 31 episodes and was released on MBC. This drama tells the story of Hwang Tae-hee (played by Kim Nam-joo), a successful career woman who leads a department in her company. She is a perfectionist woman who demands perfection and looks down on all of her subordinates to the point where she is hated by her subordinates. Her subordinates call her the old maid because at a ripe age she is not married.

It all started with the story of Bong Jun-soo (played by Jung Joon-ho) who was a new employee at the company where Hwang Tae-hee worked quickly to attract the attention of the girls in the company because of his good looks, including Hwang Tae-hee. Hwang Tae-hee started thinking about getting married and caught Bong Jun-soo in her arms. It seems that Bong Jun-soo also admires Hwang Tae-hee’s independence and hopes that his boss can change his fate and support his life in the future. Regardless of their age, Hwang Tae-hee is older than Bong Jun-soo and parents who are against their relationship, they finally managed to get married with a million dreams about the beautiful life after marriage.

But life after marriage is not as beautiful as they imagined, after returning from their honeymoon, Hwang Tae-hee found her subordinate Baek Yeo-jin who was also Bong Jun-soo’s ex-lover had seized his position as department leader. Besides that, he also had to accept the fact that his boss Han Song-yi, who originally liked him, hated him and kept trying to get rid of him.

Finally, due to pressure after pressure from her superiors Han Song-yi and Baek Yeo-jin (played by Chae Jung-an) who hated him, Hwang Tae-hee was forced to resign from her company. But Han Song-yi did not stop there, she was still trying to block Hwang Tae-hee to get a job at another company. She also orders Baek Yeo-jin to fire Bong Jun-soo. Hwang Tae-hee and Bong Jun-soo’s personal life gets more difficult and quarrels after fights color their days.

The youngest son of the owner of the company where Hwang Tae-hee used to work, Goo Yong-shik (played by Park Shi-hoo) came from America. He is someone who does not care about his job even though he is the heir to the company. During a competition to make a proposal Hwang Tae-hee took the opportunity to return to the company. He succeeded in returning to work which made Han Song-yi and Baek Yeo-jin frantically and again trying to get rid of him. Hwang Tae-hee was then placed in a special planning section where people would be fired if they were to work and they failed this time. The team was led directly by Goo Yong-shik, the future heir of the company. Hwang Tae-hee tried hard to change Goo Yong-shik’s attitude who did not care about his job.

Han Song-yi then ordered Baek Yeo-jin to pull back Bong Jun-soo to work at the company. Baek Yeo-jin tricked Bong Jun-soo that Goo Yong-shik was behind Bong Jun-soo’s dismissal, she asked Bong Jun-soo to return so that can get back at Goo Yong-shik. After they succeeded in pulling Bong Jun-soo back to work they also ordered Bong Jun-soo to steal Hwang Tae-hee’s proposal, it made Hwang Tae-hee inflamed and her relationship with her husband Bong Jun-soo got worse. Han Song-yi also tried to get rid of Goo Yong-shik from his position as the company’s heir.

Ha Yoo-mi In Cain and Abel

As the title is very familiar with, ‘Cain and Abel’ is one of the popular stories taken from the Bible, it is a story set in the time of the prophets in ancient times. Likewise, this drama, taking the title ‘Cain and Abel’, may be due to the theme of the drama or the essence of the drama’s story is about the story of 2 brothers who actually love each other but then that love disappears due to jealousy and envy. The drama aired from February 18 to April 23, 2009 on SBS with a total of 20 episodes. In this drama, Ha Yoo-mi acts as a supporting cast with a character named Kim Hyun-joo.

This drama begins when Shin Hyun-joon who plays Lee Seon-Woo is on a plane on his way from America to return home to Korea after 7 years studying medicine at one of the best and of course famous universities in Uncle Sam’s country. At that time coincidentally there was a woman who had a recurrence of illness (epilepsy) and needed medical attention as soon as possible.

Coincidentally, there was also a doctor whose name was registered as a passenger on the plane but by chance again the doctor was sleeping soundly and because of this urgent situation too because Seon-woo felt himself called to provide medical assistance because in fact he was also a doctor. Then began the action of temporary medical treatment by Doctor Seon-woo while waiting for the plane to land.

After landing, the female patient was immediately taken to the emergency medical room in the airport but due to limited facilities, the patient’s condition was critical and needed serious medical treatment. Finally, Doctor Seon-woo, who also happened to be a big fan of Mac Guyver, took the initiative and dared to take it. there is a risk to carry out serious medical treatment, which is surgery on such critical patients with only minimal equipment. After the emergency surgery was successfully carried out and the patient had passed the critical period, the patient was then immediately flown by helicopter to a better hospital that had complete medical equipment and which was none other than the hospital belonging to the Seon-woo family himself.

At the same time, but in a different place, it is also told of a young man with what appearance he is, riding a motorbike alone and seeing that there is a street child who is sick and he takes him to the hospital. Apparently the same hospital as Doctor Seon-woo earlier. Arriving at the hospital immediately, he immediately put the person in the treatment room and ordered the doctor in charge of urinating the child. But it just so happened that the doctor who was there was busy so no one took care of the child and instead he himself wanted to take care of the child.

It turned out that this young man was also a doctor, but because of his delinquent behavior there was a senior doctor who objected that it was a freelance doctor who directly handled the child. It seems that the freelance doctor had previously consumed alcoholic drinks and he violated the medical code of ethics because he was under the influence of alcohol to carry out medical treatment.

But, because the young man was well aware that he was a doctor, but he still knew the rules, he did drink alcohol but he knew the limit, for that a test was held to measure his alcohol level at that time and sure enough his alcohol level was still within tolerance and finally he was allowed to perform surgery on these street children.

The meeting between Lee Seon-woo and also a freelance doctor who turned out to be Lee Cho-in (played by So Ji-sub) took place at the location with a surprised and happy response. He and Doctor Seon-woo are brothers even though they are not bloodied and it is only fitting that Doctor Lee Cho-In was shocked to see Doctor Seon-woo because Doctor Seon-woo had just returned from America and they had not seen him for a long time.

Then, with Doctor Seon-woo performing a surgical attraction witnessed by doctors and reporters in the operating room next door, there is a sense of joy and nostalgia as well as a sense of wanting to compete with Doctor Seon-woo like when they were kids.

After the second operation was over, the two of them met. And here is shown Doctor Lee Cho-in, doctor Lee Seon-woo and his mother and of the three it is vaguely shown that things are different now, not the same as when they were young, showing ambition, jealousy and resentment.

Ha Yoo-mi In A Journey with Korean Masters

This film is classified as an omnibus film which tells various stories. The story is about human emotions from falling in love, jealousy, desires and others. In this movie, Ha Yoo-mi appears as a Manager in the ‘Illusion’ segment. ‘A Journey with Korean Masters’ was released in 2013 and is also a project created as a collaboration between professional and amateur actors of all ages to promote Seoul as a city of good harmony. This movie is also officially invited to BIFF for a special screening and to enjoy the unique characteristics of the masters who worked on this project.

Ha Yoo-mi In Paradise Villa

‘Paradise Villa’ is a Korean movie released in 2001 by Park Chong-won and has a comedy horror genre. In this movie, Ha Yoo-mi as piano teacher. The story opens with a young man playing an internet game. Suddenly his face darkened and pressed the button nervously. His face changes in despair as he reads messages from other users.

This story tells of a teenage boy who is too obsessed with online role-playing games to get his account hacked. When he was finally able to connect to the game again, the character he used had spent so much time leveling up and looking for rare items to keep up with the game.

He then decided to remedy this by finding other players and stealing supplies and weapons. Another player named Viagra turns out to live in a building called Paradise Villa. The people living in the special building all seemed to have their own problems.

Ha Yoo-mi Marriage

Ha Yoo-mi has married her husband who is a successful businessman from Hong Kong. “I had a relationship with my husband for 8 years, no matter how busy my schedule, I met twice a month and married in 1999. I had no idea, but my husband said that he kept asking about me. If someone says that he is interested in me, no matter how much I have a person in charge, I don’t care. I will give everything to them,” Ha Yoo-mi said.

Ha Yoo-mi met her husband in 1991 through the introduction of an acquaintance. Her husband is Hong Kong filmmaker and wealthy man, Clarence Ip. She has been in love with him for 8 years. In September 1999, in Korea, “We had three weddings while going back and forth between Hong Kong and Hong Kong. At that time, we had three weddings in Hong Kong in September, Seoul in October, and in Japan where our husband’s relatives lived a lot in November.”

Ha Yoo-mi’s spouse, Clarence Ip, is a Chinese celebrity. Regarding Clarence’s Ip, Ham So-won said, “This person has produced almost all of the movies featuring actor Yoo Deok-hwa. They have produced movies such as ‘City Kids 1989’, ‘Love as a Many Stupid Thing’, ‘Hero Beyond the Boundary of Tme’. Besides that, he also runs a famous restaurant.”

Ha Yoo-mi Appearance In Channel A Rumor Has It

Actress Ha Yoo-mi’s marriage and recent status were revealed. On one of episode Channel A’s ‘Rumor Has It’ Ha Yoo-mi became a topic for the discussion. Being married for 22 years, Ha Yoo-mi was reported to be separated from her husband for 3 years Regarding this, a reporter from the entertainment department surprised everyone by saying, “Ha Yoo-mi’s separation is the truth.” The reporter said, “You can think of simply staying away from Hong Kong and Korea for business, but there is a very unfortunate story here,” said the reporter.

Ha Yoo-mi lived as a full-time housewife in Hong Kong for about two years after marriage. At this time, Ha Yoo-mi, unfortunately, had a natural heritage and panicked,” Ha Yoo-mi was also reported to have a panic anxiety. It is said that her symptoms worsened as she was in an unfamiliar land.

Eventually, after three years of marriage, after an agreement with her husband, she returned to Korea. “And I had met the manager before. I asked this person,’I heard you are separated, but are you having a bad relationship? Why are you separated for so long?’ “I’m paying for living expenses.” Ha Yoo-mi said that she was living in Korea after receiving the living expenses her husband sent.

She is living alone in Korea, and Ha Yoo-mi has made her successful transformation as her businesswoman, popping her extravagance with her mask pack bearing her own name.

Another reporter said, “I heard from acquaintances who know Ha Yoo-mi. The success of the mask pack made the company a lot of money. They also said that Ha Yoo-mi, an unusual cosmetic model, also made a huge profit. Ha Yoo-mi’s pack was released in September 2007. It was sold, but in 15 days, it generated more than 2 billion in sales, and by 2013, it is said to have generated sales of as much as 300 billion.”

They also commented on her current situation, which everyone is curious about. Ha Yoo-mi stopped her activities after appearing on the air in July 2013. She says that he communicates with her fans through her social media and informs her of her current situation. She followed her on social media, and the recent photos he posted were released. Other performers who saw this said, “I still have very good skin” and “I gained a little more weight than her activity. It looks good.” The reporter said, “Ha Yoo-mi has the phrase ‘career break’ on her SNS. If she carefully guesses, she feels like she is thinking about her return to the entertainment world.

The story of her real sighting of Ha Yoo-mi was also delivered. One reporter said, “She attended one of celebrity’s official’s wedding, and there she saw Ha Yoo-mi. Her skin was really shiny. It seemed that she was still doing her self-care.”

Well, that was all for the information of Ha Yoo-mi starting from her full profile, career journey with her appearances in K-Dramas and movies, marriage until her latest news. Even though she is now more focused on her family and personal life, the career journey itself is enough to make her famous as an actress and celebrity. Therefore, let’s continue to support Ha Yoo-mi so that what she is doing now can keep her happy.

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