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GreatGuys Haneul Full Profile, Fun Facts, and Official Debut

GreatGuys Haneul
GreatGuys Haneul

Get To Know More About GreatGuys Vocalist Full Profile Kim Jin-hyeon a.k.a Haneul!

Do you know about the South Korean boy group GreatGuys? If you are still unfamiliar with it, it is a K-pop boy group that debuted under DNA Entertainment and has 9 original members with Haneul, Horyeong, Haneul, Daun, Donghwi, Dongin, Hwalchan, Uiyeon, and Baekgyeol. GreatGuys debuted on August 25, 2017, and released its first single titled “Last Men.”

In this article, there’s detailed information about a member of GreatGuys who is also a vocalist of the group. Do you know who he is? If you still don’t know about him, let’s find out more about GreatGuys’ Haneul starting from his full profile, fun facts, until his debut era in the article below!

GreatGuys Haneul Profile

GreatGuys Haneul

Real Name: Kim Jin-hyeon (Hangul: 김진현)

Stage Name: Haneul (Hangul: 한을)

Birth: October 5, 1994

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 183 cm (6’0″)

Weight: 63 kg (138 lb)

Blood Type: A

Position in the Group: Vocalist, Nice Guy

Nationality: Korean

GreatGuys Haneul Fun Facts

  1. GreatGuys’ Haneul’s specialty is cooking.
  2. GreatGuys’ Haneul’s hobby is playing board games.
  3. GreatGuys’ Haneul’s favorite thing is going to restaurants.
  4. GreatGuys’ Haneul’s favorite body part is teeth.
  5. GreatGuys’ Haneul graduated elementary with perfect attendance and middle and high school.
  6. GreatGuys’ Haneul had perfect attendance for every course except for the labs in college.
  7. GreatGuys’ Haneul loves sushi and Iced Americano coffee.
  8. GreatGuys’ Haneul doesn’t like green tea.
  9. GreatGuys’ Haneul sleeps the least; he wakes up first and wakes everyone up.
  10. GreatGuys’ Haneul’s favorite color is black.
  11. GreatGuys’ Haneul’s role model is BTS’ V.
  12. GreatGuys’ Haneul’s special talent is “Human Copy Machine.” He enjoys mimicking facial expressions.
  13. GreatGuys’ Haneul is the nicest, kindest, and warmest member according to the members.
  14. GreatGuys’ Haneul and Horyeong used to be friends before GreatGuys was formed.
  15. GreatGuys’ Haneul’s favorite artists who he wants to collaborate with are Justin Bieber and BTS.

GreatGuys Haneul Debut Era

South Korea is very famous for its Hallyu Wave, especially for K-pop which is known worldwide. K-pop groups also have powerful fans around the world, and they have their own characters and concepts to get the attention of the public.

On August 25, 2017, GreatGuys held its official debut by releasing the “Last Men” music video. In the music video, you can see how powerful the members are while performing the “Last Men” choreography. The members show off their best skills in dancing, singing, and rapping. They also show their charms through each visual that stands out in the music video.

Not only that but GreatGuys also was known as a K-pop boy group that has a height above 180 cm which made them look like giants on stage. The members also have the charisma that not all K-pop groups have.

“Last Men” is the group’s debut title song that also has the same title as the first single album. During its debut era, GreatGuys was also given the opportunity to promote on several music shows and perform their debut stage in front of their fans.

What do you think about GreatGuys’ Haneul’s debut era?

Well, that is all of the information about GreatGuys’ Haneul and everything you should know about him. Let’s keep sending him a lot of love and support so his career will shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Byeol Korea!