GreatGuys Baekgyeol Full Profile, Fun Facts, Etc.

GreatGuys Baekgyeol
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Get To Know More About GreatGuys Youngest Member Full Profile Jung Se-min a.k.a Baekgyeol!

In this article, we will be invited to get to know one of the talented members of GreatGuys who also has a position as the youngest member of the group. Do you know who is he? If you still don’t know about him, let’s get straight to know more about GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol starting from his full profile, and fun facts until his debut era in this article below!

GreatGuys Baekgyeol Profile

GreatGuys Baekgyeol

Real Name : Jung Se-min (hangul: 정세민)

Stage Name : Baekgyeol (hangul: 백결)

Birth : Jeonju, South Korea, September 24, 1997

Star Sign : Libra

Height : 187 cm (6’1″)

Weight : 68 kg (149 lb)

Blood Type : A

Position of the group : Lead Vocalist, Innocent Guy, Maknae

Nationality : Korean

GreatGuys Baekgyeol Fun Facts

  1. GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol is from Jeonju, South Korea
  2. GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol’s specialty is singing
  3. GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol’s hobbies are listening to music, watching dramas
  4. GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol’s favorite thing is Kakao Friends
  5. GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol’s favorite body part is the nose
  6. GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol’s favorite colors are blue and sky blue
  7. GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol is allergic to Crab and Shrimp
  8. GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol used to be a JYP trainee
  9. GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol can do vocal impressions of Kim Junsu (JYJ) and Zion.T
  10. GreatGuys’ Baekgyeollikes to watch Mukbangs (eating shows)
  11. GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol would date Haneul if he was a girl because Haneul knows many delicious restaurants
  12. GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol’s role models are singer Crush and BTS

Well, that was all for the information about GreatGuys’ Baekgyeol and everything you should know about him. Let’s keep sending him a lot of love and support, so his career will shine even more in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share it on your social media and wait for other interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!