Full Compilation of Got7’s Mark’s Fashion and Hair Style That May Inspired You!

Got7 Mark

Details About Got7’s Mark’s Styles Up Until Now

Every idol group not only has their own concept, but they also have a different styles for each comeback song. The difference in each comeback’s style makes it easier for the fans to remember each comeback era, and some of their styles become a trend for the fans. This is also worked with Got7, who has released many songs since their debut.

Not only does each of their comebacks have their own styles, but every member of Got7 also has their own colors that are reflected in their styles. Byeol Korea will tell all about one of Got7’s members, Mark’s, styles throughout the different eras: from Girls Girls Girls until Eclipse. So stay tuned!

Mark’s Styles Throughout the Era


Got7 Mark Predebut

In Mark’s pre-debut era, he wore very simple and casual clothes. It’s to be expected because, as a trainee, he had to work very hard so it was better for him to wear comfortable and simple clothes so that he could move around in easily.

Got7 Mark Predebut 2

Mostly, we could see him wearing simple t-shirts or sweaters. He loved to wear a beanie or snap-back during this era. What do you think about Mark’s style on his pre-debut era?

Debut with Girls Girls Girls (2014)

Got7 Mark Girls Girls Girls

In their debut era, with Girls Girls Girls, Mark dyed his hair red and wore outfits with hip-hop styles. The outfit itself was quite simple, a t-shirt with long sleeves and pants with a motif. He also wore accessories such as necklaces and bracelets to complete his look.

Got7 Mark Girls Girls Girls

In this era, the clothes that Mark wore for their photo concept and performances were the same. You can see it in the photo above, where he featured in it with his fellow members Bambam and Jinyoung. What do you think about his style on this era? Do you like it?

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