All About Got7’s Mark and Jackson’s Moments and Friendship Together!


Markson Funny Moments

Mark Jackson

If you watch Got7’s variety shows, concerts, fan signs, fan meetings, and other events, you can find many funny interactions between Mark and Jackson! Behind the charisma they have been showing on stage, they also love to show their playful sides to the fans as they love to show their love for each other with pranks.

You can find many videos of their funny moments on YouTube, and here is one of the compilations of their moments:

Mark and Jackson’s Latest News

Lately, Mark and Jackson have been busy as Got7 is currently holding their world tour titled Keep SpinningWe can trace the hints of their world tour from Mark’s post, for example, Mark posted a photo of when Got7 held their world tour in Toronto. In the photo, we can see Mark sitting with a beautiful sea landscape as the background.

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T O R O N T O 🙏

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On the other side, it seems that Jackson doesn’t post much on his personal Instagram account about what he’s doing behind the world tour. His latest post on his Instagram account was a post to congratulate the 2nd anniversary of Team Wang. Congratulations to Team Wang for their 2nd anniversary!

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TEAM WANG, Represents not just a label, a brand, But an attitude, a vision, a spirit and also an energy in passion towards life. What history are you going to make along your journey. It’s about the understanding of yourself on what you really love, your dream, and your goals in life. By knowing that, passion and desire comes “naturally” from your bones to always stay hungry at it, the desire to be starving every moment. Then, execution comes along on how to accomplish and execute every step wisely towards it. You never know you “can’t” until you try, and rather than failure, I care about the process of doing what I love everyday, and I am blessed to do so. There’s risk in everything, but it depends on you if you are willing to take it. It depends on how hungry you are at it. Don’t hesitate, Never regret. Do it because you love it. Life is too short. TEAM WANG Happy 2nd anniversary🎂 Thank you to everyone that supports TEAM WANG along the way, so blessed to have all of you. Let’s make history #TEAMWANG #happy2ndAnniversary #blessed #letsmakehistory #jacksonwang #잭슨 #王嘉爾 #626

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If you want to keep track of their world tour, you can see it on Got7’s official Instagram account. The latest post on Got7’s Instagram was a video of their leader, JB on their world tour Keep Spinning in Los Angeles.

If you are curious about what they have been up to lately, you can explore further on their Instagram accounts @mark_tuan and @jacksonwang852g7! You can also follow up on their latest activities on Got7’s official Instagram account @got7.with.igot7!

So, what do you think about Got7’s Chinese Line, Mark and Jackson’s moments together? Do you think they show great chemistry and a sweet bromance? Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts on Got7’s Mark and Jackson’s moments together in the comment section below!