All You Need to Know to Get Body Like Got7’s Jackson (Abs, Diet Tips, and Workout Routine)


Get to know Jackson Wang from Got7!

This idol, who was born March 28, 1994, is a member of the famous Korean boy-group, ‘Got7’, under JYP Entertainment. His many appearances in variety and reality shows in Korea have helped increase his popularity in domestically and he is also famous for his activities in China as a solo artist and a TV host.

Want to know more about how Jackson’s diet and workout routine in his busy life as an Idol? You can check out his tips below!

Check Out Got7’s Jackson’s Glorious Abs!

These are some of the times Jackson revealed his glorious abs


His shirtless photoshoots


Jackson Wang’s photoshoot for the Chinese magazine ‘Men’s Uno Young


Jackson on the cover for L’Officiel Hommes June issue, modeling Fendi



Got7’s Jackson’s Workout Routine


Jackson, who was previously a saber fencer for Hong Kong’s fencing team, was in great physical shape even before becoming an idol. His father is a fencing coach and his mother a gymnastics coach, so he grew up in a family where sports and fitness were an important part of life. In the five years since Jackson became a member of Got7, he hasn’t lost his athletic soul. On several occasions, Jackson has talked about how he conducts his workout routine and diet to stay healthy. in 2017, Jackson did Live in V Live about how he usually does a workout.


in the beginning, Jackson taught viewers to do the stretching that he learned from J.Y. Park and work ingout with him. He also said that he really hoped all his viewers do stretching every morning because it helps blood circulation, which is really great for health.


First of all, he asked the viewers to warm up their joints and recommended the viewers do it every morning for 10-20 minutes. He demonstrated it from hips to knees, ankles, waist, shoulders, arms, neck, and wrists, suggesting doing each set 10 times.


After warming up the joints, Jackson started the stretching, from the lower parts of the body, like feet and thighs, for 10 seconds each. After that, he stretched his upper body, from chest muscles to neck.


Once he was stretched out, he started demonstrating how he works to build his chest. He revealed that he’s actually lost a lot of weight, but Got7 fans, also known as ‘IGot7’, like him to have big thighs, so he would build them again. He also showed how to develop his thighs and hips. and recommended taking at least an hour to go to the gym and work out to build the hips and thigh like his.


Further, he offered tips on how to do push ups correctly. In the scene above, he revealed that the reason why he worked out really hard was so he could rip off his shirt at the concert for IGot7. He’d already done it at the last concert and he wanted to show fans a much better body. he added “For muscular chest, do push up. The exercise before was to build my forearms. and this was for hips and thighs. I hope you remember that, all right? okay? Promise.


He added that those movements were also great for building hips, doing it 20 times for 3 sets. He reminded the viewers that it doesn’t matter what workout type you want to do at first, but you must stretch and get warmed up before starting the workout. He said “this is the order: joints, stretches, exercise, okay?” and added, “I hope you stretch every day.”

he also declared “As you work out, drink water often. If you don’t drink water, you can get wrinkly. J.Y. Park told me so.


At the end of the V Live, Jackson gives some messages to his fans and viewers, “if you lose health, you can lose anything. Health is the first priority. Work is important, however important, but if you’re tired, go to sleep. Your body is more important, Take care of yourself. okay? I hope you’re always healthy. Be healthy. I love you, I love ‘IGot7’. Do the workouts I told you.

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