Check Out GOT7’s Jin-young and BLOCK B’s P.O’s In the MBC ‘Living Together in Empty Room’


Get to Know the Interaction Between GOT7’s Jinyoung and Block B’s P.O

Today, many South Korean television stations include the television program aired by MBC, starring various artists, titled Living Together in an Empty Room. Living Together in an Empty Room is a show which is focused on a celebrity who is interested in being with other celebrities for a short period of time. One of the celebrities is considered to be the landlord, while the other participating celebrities are considered to be the tenants. They will live together for a few days and carry out the contractual provisions.

Already, many South Korean celebrities have participated in this program; they are living as roommates and doing activities. The terms can be rules for the roommates to follow, but usually, there are activities that everyone would like to experience altogether while living as roommates. Once everyone has agreed to the other’s terms, the contract is signed by all parties and the agreement will be paid to the landlord before they start living together as roommates.

In this article, Byeol Korea will give you a rundown of everything about Jinyoung from GOT7 and P.O from Block B who lived together as roommates. They did everything together and completed some of the missions they had. Their participation increases the rating of this program. Want to know more about Jinyoung and P.O interacting? Check this out!

Who is the Owner of The Place?

In February 2018, Jinyoung and P.O were confirmed to participate in the television program, Living Together in an Empty Room. As we have seen before, Living Together in an Empty Room is an event where celebrities live in a house and perform special tasks given by the staff of the house they are occupying. They agree that the rental price is to include the things they want to do together or for each other for the next few days while staying at home.

Jinyoung and P.O will occupy a house belonging to one of the most famous stylists in South Korea, Han Hye-yeon. Han Hye-yeon is also known to be a stylist for top stars, such as Han Ji-min, Gong Hyo-jin, Go So-young, and more. They then began to discuss their living habits, and Han Hye-yeon assured Jinyoung, “I won’t wake you up in the morning. You don’t get a lot of sleep, right?” As their conversation continued, she began to fondly call him “sweetie.” The stylist also complimented the GOT7 member on his looks, saying, “Your eyes are really pretty as well. They’re like a fawn’s.”

Reporting from Soompi, after the apartment touring, the three also sat down to discuss what they wanted to do. P.O suggested they all go ice skating together, while Han Hye-yeon shared how to dance from P.O and Jinyoung. They also have to help her clean up a portion of her closet, which was due to her career as a stylist. When they saw the state of her closet, Jinyoung commented, “It felt like we entered a jungle. I thought we were looking at a mountain.”

Their First Meeting

On February 8th, 2018, Living Together in an Empty Room confirmed, “Jinyoung, P.O., and stylist Han Hye-yeon are joining as new members.” P.O. had previously appeared on Living Together in an Empty Room, but this will be Jinyoung and Han Hye-yeon’s first time on the reality show. Han Hye-yeon was featured in I Live Alone. This is a new thing that will be Jinyoung, P.O, and Han Hye-yeon going through together.

February 24th, 2018, is the first day the three of them would meet. Han Hye-yeon was the first one to arrive at the cafe beneath her apartment, with Jinyoung arrived soon after. “A baby has come,” Han Hye-yeon commented. As they introduced themselves, Han Hye-yeon couldn’t hold back her surprise when Jinyoung shared he was 25 years old. When she learned she was around the same age as his mother, she expressed, “Please just call me big noona.” Once P.O arrived, they changed locations to Han Hye-yeon’s apartment, where the idols would be staying. Having been on the show before, P.O commented, “The stylist also showed them around, explaining they would be sleeping in their bedroom during their stay.”

Roommates’ Conditions

After doing several tours of Han Hye-yeon’s apartment, they finally occupied their beds during their stay in the apartment. Han Hye-yeon’s room is dominated by lots of clothes because she’s a stylish person. While Jinyoung’s and P.O’s bedrooms look normal with neatly arranged furniture.

Unforgettable Day as a Trio

Many things that Jinyoung, P.O, and Han Hye-yeon did together during the time that they lived together, like enjoying time together with eating eels in a very delicious restaurant. Jinyoung, P.O, and Han Hye-yeon chose to eat eels on Jinyoung’s birthday and they ate very heartily.

While enjoying their lunch, Han Hye-yeon asked P.O suddenly what is the ideal kind of woman for him, and P.O replied that he was interested in women who were not too ambitious. Han Hye-yeon said, “Looks like P.O likes a type of woman who is a bit shy.” Then, Han Hye-yeon asked what is the ideal kind of woman for Jinyoung to which he answered that the ideal type of woman is a woman who often invites him to play and a cheerful woman who also likes to laugh.

In addition, Han Hye-yeon asked the idol stars to teach her how to dance. Jinyoung and P.O. decided to teach her the moves to J.Y. Park’s “Honey.” Following the lesson for “Honey,” P.O. and Jinyoung taught Han Hye-yeon some key club moves nowadays people do at parties. With much swag, Jinyoung danced and playfully asked, “Noona, did you come by yourself?” making Han Hye-yeon burst into laughter.

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