After Assault Controversy With Her Boyfriend, Goo Hara Held Fan Meeting in Japan, How Come?

Goo Hara

Fan Meeting Held After Controversy: What was It Like?

A few months ago, news was circulating around the internet that about Goo Hara’s assault incident with her boyfriend. It caused an uproar, and people were very divided in their responses. One side supported Goo Hara, while the other side responded negatively to the controversy. A few months after the incident made the news, Goo Hara held a fan meeting in Japan! What kind of controversy did she have, and what was the atmosphere like at her fan meeting, after said controversy? Let’s check it out!

Goo Hara’s Controversy: Assault Incident with Boyfriend

Goo Hara and Choi Jong-bum

On September 13, 2018, Goo Hara was revealed to be under suspicion of assaulting her boyfriend. According to the Gangnam Police Station, the report was filed at around 12:30 a.m. KST, on September 13. It was said that her boyfriend, Choi Jong-bum, broke up with her, and she had a violent response. She claimed that it was two-sided violence. At first, the opinions among netizens were split into two. While one side supported Goo Hara’s version of the story, the other side was still suspicious, and considered Choi Jong-bum’s story to be true because among female celebrities, Goo Hara is known to be quite a bit stronger than most.

But later, on September 17, the Korean news outlet Dispatch released their interview with Goo Hara, herself. Dispatch had officially confirmed the cause of the fight with messages exchanged between Goo Hara and Choi Jong-bum, between Choi Jong-bum and Goo Hara’s housemate, and the phone call between Choi Jong-bum and Goo Hara’s manager.

Goo Hara Case Timeline

On September 10, Goo Hara was eating with her manager and “A”, a man who also works in the entertainment industry. She told her boyfriend that she was only eating with her manager, but later Choi Jong-bum found out that A was also present, through a phone call with her manager. This made Choi Jong-bum angry with Goo Hara because she was lying. Two days later, Goo Hara came to Choi Jong-bum’s workplace to explain herself, but Choi Jong-bum just told her to go home.

About the reason why she lied about A’s presence, Goo Hara explained that Choi Jong-bum usually treats her well and is friendly, but whenever another men is brought up, they always ended up in a fight. He also says things that are hard to bear and she didn’t want to fight over something like that, so she lied about A’s presence to Choi Jong-bum.

Dispatch interviewed Goo Hara again, with her housemate, “B”, for their side of story about the incident that took place on September 13. On that day, at dawn, around 12:30 a.m., Choi Jong-bum entered the two girls’ home, drunk, and Goo Hara was sleeping in B’s room. B woke up from the sound of the door opening and Choi Jong-bum coming into the room, so B pretended that she was asleep. He asked Goo Hara, “Are you able to sleep in a situation like this?”, and kicked her. After that, the two leftthe room and argued outside.