Does Goo Ha-ra Have a Boyfriend Now? Let’s Find Out The Truth About Her Love Life!


Goo Ha-ra Byeol Korea

Goo Ha-ra’s Love Life

Goo Hara is a former member of the girl-group KARA. Although KARA disbanded in 2016, news about the band members is still always highly anticipated by the public. As an entertainer in the K-pop industry, Goo Ha-ra generated a lot of news, rumors and gossip, until recently. Goo Ha-ra once had news about her personal life, specifically her love life. Has Goo Ha-ra been dating someone before now?

Has Goo Ha-ra Ever Been Dating Someone?

Goo Hara and Yong Jun-hyung

Goo Ha-ra revealed she was dating former B2ST member, on June 28, 2011. Both of their agencies confirmed that information at the time. They were caught on a date early in the morning on June 9, 2011, at a take-out cafe in Gangnam, and several other times after that. The couple was close because of they had the same schedule, and met frequently on any shows they did together. Both of them were known to be supportive of each other, on stage and off. Unfortunately, Goo Ha-ra and Yong Jun-hyung broke up around March, 2013, because their busy schedules didn’t give them much time to just socialize.

Is It Difficult To Be Dating in Public?

Hara and Jun-hyung in public

In Goo Ha-ra’s case, the couple was just going slow and steady in their relationship. Although the public were always wondering how the couple was doing, while they were together, it must be difficult to try dating someone while reporters, sasaeng fans, or maybe non-K-pop fans are lingering around them and watching their every move. So it wasn’t easy for them to date in public.

Goo Ha-ra’s Current Dating Status

Goo Hara status

Since her last relationship that was caught by the public, Goo Ha-ra hasn’t been seen, or admitted to, dating anyone right now. As far as the public knows, she’s currently single, but no one knows if Goo Ha-ra is currently in relationship now, or not.

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