Let’s Find Out About Gong Yoo Girlfriend and Ex-Girlfriend!

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Who is Gong Yoo? General Information About Gong Yoo

Gong Yoo who played a big hit in the drama “Coffee Prince No. 1 Store” broadcasted in 2007 and joined the popular actors. Often it plays a romantic kiss scene and the image that “Kon Yoo Kiss is good” has been established. It is also famous for expressing my ideas about marriage. What kind of woman was rumored with Gong Yoo?

Gong Yoo’s beloved love The first one is Im Soo Jung


The first rumor of Gong Yoo is the actress Im Soo Jung. It is said that the cooperation in the drama “School 4” broadcasted in 2001 has evolved into a relationship of romance with a trigger. Jeju Island travel was scooped in 2008, and love was thought to be decisive. However, they deny a passionate love and explain that it is one of his close friends. It seems that the trip was not just for two people but with friends.

Gong Yoo’s beloved love The second person is Song joo


The second person is Song joo the model. The enthusiasm became whispered by the collaboration with CM of the hair care brand “Vidal Sassoon” in which Gong Yoo appeared. However, it was not actually a romantic relationship, it seems that CM was misunderstood as “Gong Yoo’s girl” because CM was witnessed dating site in paparazzi. By the way, CM also plays a passionate kiss scene.

Gong Yoo’s beloved love The third person Yoon Eun Hye


The third person is a highly popular actress Yoon Eun Hye. Were they developed into a relationship of romance with the co-starring in the drama “Coffee Prince” that was broadcast in 2007? It is said that.

In the drama, he plays a lover’s role, and Yoon Eun has made an interview that Professor Kuu is an ideal type and the alleged enthusiasm is now whispered. However, since the two formally deny the passionate enthusiasm through their affiliation office, it seems that there is a high possibility that they are one of good co-stars.

Although a lot of enthusiasm photos and the like have a runoff, the possibility of being themselves is low, it seems to be a forged photo. Both are popular celebrities, so it seems that there is nothing wrong.

Currently, 37-year-old Gong Yoo has never reported a decisive enthusiasm, but since he says “I want to get married by the age of 40”, the day when I can hear happy reports may be close. By the way, Yoon Eun Hye replied, “If Gong Yoo got married” about his own marriage, I still do not change and I am proving that we are on good terms.