All You Need to Know About Gong Yoo’s ABS Shape and His Young Face!


Gong Yoo’s Secret of His Younger Look


And now is the time to discuss the secrets of his youthful durability! On July 10, 2019, he celebrated his 40th birthday. Although he was already 40 years old, his appearance and body were still like a young adult, because he always looks fresh everytime.

No doubt, as a celebrity, Gong Yoo was demanded to appear male. He also underwent a series of diets and exercise for his healthy body. Even he explained that his very strict diet life.

He said, “I go on a diet because of the demands of the film. When I wake up in the morning, I always wash my face, then go straight to the fitness center”

Gong Yoo also added that exercising before eating is a very effective way.

He told The Straits Times, “After exercising, I continued to practice acting. All this time I lived for films. After acting, I returned to the gym.”

He exercises at least two hours every day. In addition to sports, this middle-haired man also revealed that he also maintains his diet.

“I really keep away from salt, and sometimes feel like an ascetic. I have lived in this same routine for the past 16-17 years. I only practice sports or listen to music,”

He also admitted that he often felt hungry while undergoing the shooting process. But according to him this hunger can actually help him to be more productive.

“I was hungry during filming, which proved very helpful. Even a wild animal became very aggressive when starving. When I go on a diet for a long time, my cheekbones look wider, with my eyes becoming more curved.” He explained.

Reporting from Donga, to form the physical required in each film, he must reduce the fat in his body for three months, eating foods without salt and fat. And do strenuous fitness training to add muscles in his body.

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