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All You Need to Know About Gong Yoo’s ABS Shape and His Young Face!

Gong Yoo

Meet The One Of 10 Youthful Stars Whose Age Will Surprise You, Gong Yoo

According to Soompi, Gong Yoo is included in the list of 10 Youthful Stars Whose Age Will Surprise You and i couldn’t to agree more. How come? he is born in 1979 as Gong Ji Chul, his face is not suitable for his age who have turned 40yo. Does he have the secret to staying young at his current age? We will find out about that but first let’s we talk about his toned abs, so make sure you stay tuned in this article!

Gong Yoo’s Toned Abs


Gong Yoo has always been known for his fabulous body and cheeky grin. It is no surprise to see him emerge from the military more muscular than ever. What didn’t change was his ambition, he still chased after unusual, challenging roles that required more than just a mighty fine set of chocolate abs.

Early July 2016, JobKorea, a Korean job board, took a survey of 800 male and female users to find out which Korean celebrities’ physiques are most desired among Korean employees, and the result for Gong Yoo amounted to 21.6 percent.

Even with this angle, he looks perfect with his toned abs.


He really worked hard to shape it into perfect shape!


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