Gong Hyun-joo Full Profile and Appearances in K-Dramas

Gong Hyun-joo

Get To Know More About South Korean Actress Go Hyun-joo

As an actress, of course there will be many roles played in several K-Dramas or movies. The popularity of entertainers in South Korea is also believed because they managed to play a good role and character in dramas or movies. With this, they have also managed to get appreciation from the public, such as receiving awards and also loyal fans who will always support and promote their latest drama that will air.

In this article, Byeol Korea will discuss in more detail and complete profile of an actress who comes from South Korea, which is Gong Hyun-joo. The actress who was born in 1984 is one of the actress that used to play in several K-Dramas, such as Can We Fall In Love, Again? (2014), Hotel King (2014), Graceful Family (2019) and many more.

Let’s check out more information about Gong Hyun-joo full profile, dating news, marriage and several appearances on K-Dramas in this article below!

Gong Hyun-joo Full Profile

Gong Hyun-joo

Real Name : Gong Hyun-joo (hangul: 공현주)

Birth : Songpa-gu, Seoul, South Korea, January 7, 1984

Star Sign : Capricorn

Weight : 49 kg

Height : 171 cm

Blood Type : B

Education :

  • Seryun Middle School
  • Garak High School
  • Dongduk Women’s University Broadcasting & Entertainment Department (Bachelor)

Family Member : Mother and a younger brother

Official Site :

  • Instagram (@konghyunjoo)
  • Youtube Channel (KONGHYUNJUICY LIFE)

Agency :

  • Wooridle Company
  • Jellyfish Entertainment

Gong Hyun-joo Filmography

Entertainers in South Korea have many opportunities to become as supporting roles and lead roles in K-Dramas. In this profession, anyone who has good acting skills and comes from any background can get the opportunity to play a character if they have basic skills such as acting.

Even though it is not easy to be an actor or actress, this job is very promising because it will have a very good career path if the drama or movie that is released gets a good appreciation or rating after being broadcast. There will be many people who easily recognize actors and actresses in a drama or movie who have impressive acting skills to portray a character.

In the next session, we will take you to look at what roles that actress Gong Hyun-joo has successfully played in K-Dramas, variety show and music videos!

Gong Hyun-joo In Can We Fall In Love, Again?

Can We Fall In Love, Again? (hangul: 우리 가 사랑할 수 있을까) is a K-Drama which was released from January 6 to March 11, 2014 with a total of 20 episodes and broadcast on JTBC. This drama is directed by Kim Yoon-cheol with the genre romance, comedy and family. Some of the lead actors and actresses in this drama are Eugene, Uhm Tae-woong, Kim Yoo-mi, Choi Jung-yoon, Kim Sung-soo and many more. In Can We Fall In Love, Again?, Gong Hyun-joo plays Shin Yoon-ha who was a cameo in episode 17.

Can We Fall In Love, Again? tells a story of a friend who consists of several women on their late 30s and have their respective problems. Jun-wan (played by Eugene) has divorced her husband who has been married for 10 years. Oh Kyung-soo (played by Uhm Tae-woong) is a director who often wins movies awards but is bad-tempered while Sun-mi (played by Kim Yoo-mi) is a woman who is single but successful by establishing a business as a decorator.

Gong Hyun-joo In Hotel King

Hotel King (hangul: 호텔 킹) is a K-Drama which was released from April 5 to July 27, 2014 with a total of 32 episodes and broadcast on MBC. Hotel King is a Korean romantic melodrama starring actor Lee Dong-wook and actress Lee Da-hae along with several other stars such as Im Seulong, Wang Ji-hye, Lee Deok-hwa, and Kim Hae-sook.

As a child, Cha Jae-wan (played by Lee Dong-wook) is a beggar boy named Jayden who is employed by a criminal gang in the United States. In one event, Jayden accidentally kills the gang boss. Then came a man named Lee Joong-Goo (played by Lee Deok-hwa). He told Jayden that his father had left him and his mother. Joong-Goo also informed that Jayden’s father was named Ah Sung-won (played by Choi Sang-hoon), the owner of Hotel Ciel in Korea. With a burning grudge, Cha Jae-wan intends to take revenge on his father.

20 years later, Cha Jae-wan has worked as a manager at Hotel Ciel, the only seven-star hotel in Korea. He confronted Ah Sung-won and said that he was his father. Sung-won rejects Jae-wan’s confession and commits suicide unexpectedly. Sung-won’s daughter, Ah Mo-ne (played by Lee Da-hae), was initially angry with her father’s death. She often conflicts with Jae-wan. Mo-ne is the hotel’s sole heir. Jae-wan’s feelings are torn between sympathy for Mo-ne, who is her younger sister, with the ambition to take over the Ciel Hotel. Gradually the two of them began to fall in love. Jae-wan is reluctant to continue the relationship because she thinks Mo-ne is his younger sister.

Beside that, Gong Hyun-joo was present at Hotel King playing a character named Cha Soo-an who was the supervisor of the VIP Hotel with a very high education level and always paid attention to Cha Jae-wan. Cha Soo-an is one of the specialists brought in by Cha Jae-wan’s General Manager from his previous job in Las Vegas to assist him in the hotel. Cha Soo-an also helped Cha Jae-wan and Mo-ne to take over Hotel Ciel.

Gong Hyun-joo In Graceful Family

The Korean drama Graceful Family (hangul: 우아한 가) was broadcast on MBN from August 21 until October 17, 2019 with a total of 16 episodes directed by Han Chul-soo, telling the story of a rich family heir whose mother died mysteriously killed 15 years ago. He also hired a lawyer to solve the mystery.

In the synopsis of Graceful Family, actress Im Soo-hyang plays Mo Seok-hee, the heir to a rich family. Her grandfather was the founder of the MC Group company. And her father became the president director of the company. After her mother died because she was murdered, Seok-hee was forced by her father to go to school to the United States. And 15 years after the murder of her mother, Seok-hee returned to Korea.

She grows up to be a beautiful and smart woman but has a haughty nature. Her arrogant nature is to forget about the incident that caused her mother to die 15 years ago. Seok-hee has two older brothers, namely Mo Wan-soo, played by Lee Kyu-han and Mo Wan-joon, played by Kim Jin-woo.

Mo Wan-soo is told as a film director who is also the first child of the owner of the MC Group. Meanwhile Mo Wan-joon is the second child who is a director at his father’s company.

In this Graceful Family story there is actor Lee Jang-woo as the main actor who collides acting with Im Soo-hyang. He plays as Heo Yoon-do, a lawyer who doesn’t yet have his own office. Yoon-do’s lawyers have been solving minor cases in the neighborhood where he lives.

Apart from the family, actress Gong Hyun-joo is also present as one of the supporting roles as Baek Soo-jin, a daughter of a high-ranking official who is married to Mo Wan-joon. From the looks of it, Baek Soo-jin looks like a good wife, but she has unreadable feelings and actually wants to divorce Mo Wan-joon.

Until one day he met Seok-hee at the police station. He was also recruited into the TOP team in the MC Group. The TOP team itself was created to solve family problems that are members of the MC Group including covering up malicious behavior and illegal activities carried out within the company. The team is chaired by Han Je-kook played by Bae Jong-ok.

On top of that, it turns out that Mo Seok-hee and Heo Yoon-do worked together to reveal the truth about what happened when her mother was killed 15 years ago. This drama has a mystery melodrama genre that is strong and fresh. Thanks to this fresh story, the Korean drama Graceful Family that aired on MBN set a rating record. Graceful Family, which aired October 2019, ended as the drama with the highest rating to broadcast on MBN cable TV.

Gong Hyun-joo In Law of The Jungle in Samoa

On January 1, 2016, SBS’ ‘Law of The Jungle’ aired an episode by visiting Samoa. In this episode, Gong Hyun-joo appeared as one of the guest stars and joined in the fun with the cast members on this program.

The horrific, almost life-threatening incident happened to one of the guest stars from the episode ‘Law of The Jungle in Samoa’ who was none other than Gong Hyun-joo. At first, the actress joined the other guest stars accompanied by Kim Byung-man trying to dive the relay 50 meters deep into the ocean. Gong Hyun-joo became the seventh diver, jumping into the water without hesitation.


Lee Sang-yeob, who was also a guest on the episode, also came down to watch his girlfriend, and said, “In water she is better than me,” The actress who is in a romantic relationship with Lee Sang-yeob masterfully reaches the limit of security and pushes herself down. However, after a while she started acting strangely, with visible signs of fainting but hovering in the same place.

Lee Sang-yeob’s lover apparently experienced LMC (Loss of Motor Control), which means loss of consciousness and or movement caused by lack of oxygen in the brain. The safety operator luckily realized that quickly and helped the actress to the surface, where she regained consciousness. Lee Sang-yeob who was worried immediately rushed over to her.

Gong Hyun-joo In Real Men – Female Special

In 2016, Gong Hyun-joo returned to the variety show Real Men – Female Special along with several other guest stars such as FIESTAR’s Cao Lu, Lee Chae-young and After School’s Nana who will join the program broadcast on MBC.

The event features actresses or idols who are ready to do training like soldiers. Because they usually appear with make-up, on this variety show every viewer can see the bare face of the actresses and idols when they appear on Real Men – Female Special. Not only are they trained in the military, but those who attend this event must also familiarize themselves with the discipline and regulations that apply as soldiers.

Gong Hyun-joo In Real Life Men and Women

The first episode of Real Life Men and Women was made with the theme of disaster emergency warning for men and women who can save themselves. Gong Hyun-joo, who thought it was the scheduled interview that was being held at the agency’s office, was in the process of filming Real Life Men and Women, revealing that she was an expert at taking emergency food first when the disaster alarm suddenly sounded.

With her appearance through this variety show, Gong Hyun-joo is expected to be able to show her charm and will reveal her strong presence during the next episode. Gong Hyun-joo appeared on Real Life Men and Women (hangul: 현실 남녀) as a cast member in Season 1 which aired in 2018 on MBN.

Gong Hyun-joo In Kim Jong-wook Bad Guy MV

Not only appearing on variety shows and being a supporting actress in several K-Dramas with high ratings, Gong Hyun-joo has also appeared as a model in music videos released by famous soloists in South Korea.

In 2007, Gong Hyun-joo appeared in Kim Jong-wook’s music video titled Bad Guy. In the music video that is like a short drama, Gong Hyun-joo plays an office employee who works in an office and finds the man she loves there even though the man already has a girlfriend. The man also turned out to be involved in a criminal act that endangered the two women, including Gong Hyun-joo in the music video.

Gong Hyun-joo In Nell Getting Further Apart MV

In 2008, Gong Hyun-joo was also present in a single released by Nell entitled Getting Further Apart. Like the previous genre, this ballad song has a mellow feel that looks sad with the presence of the actress who was born in 1984 and is seen challenging her soft emotional acting through the music video by Nell.

Appearing as the protagonist of the music video for the group Nell’s Getting Further Apart, she turns into a woman who is suffering, overcome by the grief of breaking up. Getting Further Apart is a follow-up song from Time to Walk in Memories and is a song that contains the hearts of people who have long been lost in a sad yet lyrical melody.

A representative from who made the music video explained, “I made the film in a rather heavy atmosphere, but I was able to make a work that exceeded my expectations by displaying Gong Hyun-joo’s very subtle inner acting. In particular, tears were shedding with tears. Good acting made me feel even sadder too, so I was impressed,”

When Gong Hyun-joo showed so much togetherness in acting that she couldn’t get rid of her sad feelings even after filming was over, all the staff on set applauded. Nell’s quirky lyrical melody and sympathetic sensational acting meet in the music video Getting Further Apart.

Gong Hyun-joo Relationship

It’s no secret that actors and actresses are reportedly dating because they often meet on set or even because they are introduced by their close relatives. Many fans are worried that their favorite actor or actress will be involved in dating, but there are also those who are happy about the news. There is still a lot of concern if an entertainer from South Korea is in a relationship as a couple and going public.

In 2013, Gong Hyun-joo’s management label confirmed reports stating, “When we checked, we were told that they had been dating for 6-7 months.” Lee Sang-yeob’s agency also emphasized, “They are currently dating. They already know each other, but they just started dating.” They have gone on dates to watch musicals and enjoy spending time together at a small cafe. They first met as sunbae-hoobaes, and recently got close to start dating.

Lee Sang-yeob also wrote something on internet forums, “I think you all saw the article. I was really surprised, but I feel sorry for all of you. I’m sorry that you have to find out through an article, although you should know first as people who love and cherish me. I always think, ‘I’ll tell them someday’, but my reluctance gives you this disappointment.I will work hard thinking how sorry I feel at not thinking about you (the fans) the first time. I’ll be better and come back with even better news. Good evening.”

Lee Sang-yeob and Gong Hyun-joo first published their love affair in August 2013. Since then, the two of them did not hesitate to show their solidarity and togetherness on variety shows. In 2015, the two appeared on the SBS program ‘Law of the Jungle’ and survived in the jungle together and in 2016, Lee Sang-yeob also supported Gong Hyun-joo by appearing as the special narrator of the women’s edition of MBC’s ‘Real Men’.

In 2016, bad news came from actors Lee Sang-yeob and Gong Hyun-joo. After knitting a relationship together for 3 years, Sang Yeon and Hyun-joo are now breaking up. This news was revealed by a source close to the two of them, August 23, 2016. Their agency also confirmed the news.

This has been confirmed by Lee Sang-yeob of Daydream Entertainment’s agency. “Not long ago (he) had separated from Gong Hyun-joo. They decide to become friends who support each other. We don’t know in more detail about the reason for their separation because it is a matter of adult men and women,” said Daydream Entertainment which was also confirmed by Jellyfish Entertainment by saying, “Currently (they) have separated.”

Gong Hyun-joo Marriage

Gong Hyun-joo

On February 1, 2019, Gong Hyun-joo announced the news of her marriage through an upload on personal Instagram account. In this post, she looks beautiful and charming.

I carefully told everyone about my wedding plans and I felt touched by the happiness and sincere congratulations I received in return,” wrote by Gong Hyun-joo in the caption section. “Thank you to everyone for giving me warm attention and taking the time to care for me.”

On the same day, Gong Hyun-joo’s agency released an official statement regarding the news of her marriage. Based on the agency’s information, Gong Hyun-joo will soon marry a man who is not from the celebrity circle.

Hello, this is actress Gong Hyun-joo’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment. We will share some happy news related to her,” explained by the agency. “Gong Hyun-joo will be a bride in March. On March 16, 2019, she will marry a man who is not a celebrity at an undisclosed location in Seoul.”

On February 23, 2019, Gong Hyun-joo uploaded several pre-wedding photos of herself looking very beautiful wearing a wedding dress and special wedding makeup before she was getting married. In the photo, the bride-to-be Gong Hyun-joo is seen wearing natural make-up and smiling at the camera that takes her picture. Not to forget, she also tagged some accounts that collaborated for the process of shooting his pre-wedding photos in the upload.

Gong Hyun-joo and her husband will only invite their family and some of their closest relatives to attend their secret wedding. As reported from Tistory, Gong Hyun-joo’s husband is not clear who his profile is, but there is news that Gong Hyun-joo’s husband is a professional financial industry worker and is known to be one year older than her. The biggest reason she decided to marry her husband was because of his consideration and proper character and he expressed his extraordinary affection towards Gong Hyun-joo.

A few days after the wedding took place, Gong Hyun-joo uploaded her wedding photo to Instagram with a caption to thank the people who congratulated her after the marriage. After the wedding reception, you can see from the location on the post above was held at the Conrad Seoul.

Translation :

Good morning. Thank you for congratulating us as a couple on our new start. As I prepared all the procedures myself without a wedding planner, there were trials and errors, but thanks to the help of the people around me, I had a beautiful wedding. Once again, I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who helped.

And once again, I would like to express my deep gratitude to those who attended the wedding in the midst of a busy day and congratulated me and my husband on our new start, and to all those who left a message of blessing.

Gong Hyun-joo 🙇♀️ _

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Gong Hyun-joo Hang Out Vlog

In November 2020, Gong Hyun-joo uploaded a video to her Youtube channel with the concept of hanging out in Seoul and hanging out with her friends in spare time. Gong Hyun-joo shared her activities by meeting at a cafe and ordering several menus to eat. Not only that, she also chose to come to several cafes with the best interiors and views in the city for a day from morning to night so as to give vlog results with aesthetic quality.

Gong Hyun-joo Daily Activity During Pandemic

In November 2020, Gong Hyun-joo ventured out of her residence and took a walk in the suburbs and enjoyed the Autumn weather in the city. Gong Hyun-joo  use the bus at that time, especially when South Korea is implementing very strict health protocols during the pandemic. Even though the city hasn’t fully recovered yet, Gong Hyun-joo carries out her activities and go to the salon carefully and remains vigilant in order to stay healthy when leaving the house.

Gong Hyun-joo Luxury Living

In July 2020, Gong Hyun-joo uploaded a video to Youtube recording every interior detail of an apartment in South Korea. From the video it seems that Gong Hyun-joo is choosing several apartments that she can live in considering that she recently married her husband in March 2019 and plans to live together in a new apartment. The apartment that can be seen has luxurious and magnificent facilities when viewed from Gong Hyun-joo’s vlog.

Well, those are the full profile appearances from actress Gong Hyun-joo in K-Drama as well as other television shows. Let’s continue to give support and love to Gong Hyun-joo so that her personal life and career can shine even more in the coming year. If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting article from Byeol Korea!