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Golden Child Choi Bo-min Profile, Fun Facts, Law of the Jungle and 18 Again, and Moments with Shin Ye-eun

Golden Child Choi Bomin
Golden Child Choi Bo-min

Let’s Meet Choi Bo-min from Golden Child!

The Golden Child name has been quite famous lately, where this K-pop group are consist of 10 members, one of which is the youngest member Choi Bo-min. If you still don’t know about him, so in this article Byeol Korea will give you any information about Choi Bo-min So, stay tuned!

Choi Bo-min Profile

Golden Child Choi Bo-min

Name : Choi Bo-min (최보민)

Stage Name : Bomin (보민)

Birth date : August 24, 2000

Birth place : Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Height : 180 cm (5’11″)

Weight : –

Zodiac : Virgo

Chinese zodiac : Dragon

Religion : Protestantism

Education : Seocheon High School, Hanlim Multi Art High School

Blood type : B

Nationality : Korean

Occupation : Singer, Actor, MC

Years active :2017 – present

Agency : Woollim Entertainment

Group : Golden Child

Position in his group : Maknae, Face of The Group, Visual, Lead Dancer, Vocalist

Choi Bo-min Fun Facts

  • Choi Bo-min has one young sister who born in 2004, name Choi Seobin.
  • Bomin became a Woollim Entertainment’s trainee for 2 years on August 28, 2015.
  • Red his favorite color.
  • Bomin is the 2nd tallest member in Golden Child after Daeyeol.
  • Watching movies, reading books are his hobbies.
  • Bomin has appeared in “Now We” music video by Lovelyz on his pre-debut.
  • Bomin loves cat and horse, but he really hates bugs.
  • He is the big fan of Infinite’s Sunggyu.
  • He has close friend with other member group such as The Boyz’ Hwall, The Boyz’ Sunwoo, Eric, ASTRO’s Sanha, NCT’s Jeno, Wanna One’ Daehwi, Seventeen’s Joshua, Stray Kid’s Hyunjin and Ateez’s Wooyoung.

Appearance in Law of the Jungle

Law of the Jungle is a Korean reality-documentary show which aired on SBS, where in each episodes will invite celebrities to be a guest and they must be save their life by survive in the vast realm in the world. In 2019, Bomin alongside Momoland’s Nancy, NUEST’s Baekho, and others went to Chatham Island and Tasman in New Zeland.

In the island, Bomin and others try to survive in the middle of the forest by exploring the island and foraging for food from plants and animals that are there. In the mid-of the trip, Bomin even ate a bug! After that, Bomin, Julien Kang, and Go Sung Hee went to look for gooseberries. Bomin says that the taste of the fruit isn’t too bad and similar to plum.

His journey of exploring Chatham island is really fun! So, check out his journey below!

Debut with Golden Child

After 2 years being a trainee from his agency, then on August 28, 2017 Bomin was debuted along with other 9 member into a group, called Golden Child. Bomin and his group debut for the first time with releasing their first mini-album Gol-Cha! with main single entitled “DamDaDi”. The group raised the cute and colorful concept for the debut mini-album where’s all of the concept very suitable for them.

Their debut song has an upbeat tempo with cheerful melodies and lyrics! Bomin and friends’ performances were looking perfect both in the vocal until to their dance choreography, and even a month after that his group’s mini-album has reached 1st ranked on the famous Japanese music chart “Tower Records”.

Here is the video when Bomin debuted with Golden Child and he uses Jersey number 89!

Choi Bo-min and Shin Ye-eun

The closeness of Choi Bo-min and actress Shin Ye-eun isn’t coincidence. They know each other because they’re paired to become MCs through the weekly music program that airs ofn KBS, namely Music Bank on July 5, 2019. Bomin and Shin Ye-eun have a good chemistry as MCs, even because of their closeness and chemistry so that they were got an trophy as a “Best Couple Awards” at 2019 KBS Entertainment Awards. Look at the photo below of Bomin and Shin Ye-eun that show their chemistry!

After a year as MCs, on July 17, 2020 they reluctantly announced that they would withdraw from the program and replaced by Arin and TXT’s Soobin. The reason they had to resign was because they wanted to focus on their respective careers, as an actress or even a K-pop group’s member. Their decision was so unfortunate for many fans that according to them, Bomin and Shin Ye-eun are the MC couple which is the best collaboration.

Here’s the moment when their last day became a MC in Music Bank !

Choi Bo-min in 18 Again

18 Again is a JTBC’s drama that aired from September 21, 2020 until November 10, 2020. This drama tells about a married couple who have been married for decades and want to divorce because they are disgusted buy their partner’s personality and attitude. Because already giving up, then suddenly the husband transform into a teenager again and he live his life like it was his youth.

In this drama, Choi Bo-min was reportedly on February 28, 2020 that he has been confirmed to play in 18 Again. He got role as Seo Ji-ho a High School student who become a president of class and exemplary student. Seo Ji-ho secretly love Woo-young and always misunderstanding to her kindness towards Hong Shi-ah. He has a cold-look on the outside, but he has a kind and pure heart.

Here is the acting of him on the drama!

Choi Bo-min Ideal Type

As a fans, of course they often wonder and think about the ideal type that their idol wants. Not many K-pop idols also can reveal about their type. But, some of Golden Child member was asked about the ideal type of girl by one of Korean magazine. Jangjun answer that he likes a women who like a mother, then Joochan likes a women who has a beautiful smile. Unlike the others, Bomin doesn’t have the criteria for the face or personality, but he just says that he like women who have long straight hair.

So, that’s all information about Golden Child’s Choi Bo-min start from his profile, until his ideal type. After read this article, don’t forget to put the comment about him and always follow our articles update only on Byeol Korea!