All You Need to Know About Girls’ Generation Yuri (Solo Album, Fans Meeting, and Instagram)


How About Girls’ Generation’s Yuri First Fan Meeting?

SNSD's Yuri

Finally, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri has made her first fan meeting! After past few years held the fan meeting with the rest of Girls’ Generation’s member, this time, she was held the first fan meeting by her own self. But, do you know that Girls’ Generation’s Yuri was hesitated to held her first meeting at the first place?

Well, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri must’ve been one of the Girls’ Generation’s member who obviously had a lot of fans, but who knows that actually she felt like she wasn’t famous enough to held her solo fan meeting just like the other member of Girls’ Generation? Her manager was told her that her fans who will went to her solo fan meeting might be didn’t as much as her expectation.

SNSD's Yuri

But Girls’ Generation’s Yuri was believed that there’s a lot of fans who were already waiting for her, even though she didn’t know that her manager would realized it or not. Of course, her manager’s statement was being the spotlight from Girls’ Generation’s Yuri fans.

So, What Actually Happened About Her Solo Fan Meeting?

Like we said previously, the manager of Girls’ Generation’s Yuri was said that she haven’t do a fan meeting yet because he thought that her fans who came weren’t as much as they thought. And finally her manager was opened up about this.

He said, “It is always necessary to prepare for the meeting. Even more so if who meet someone love. You’ll also make a lot of preparations when you go see someone you love. I may not know her than you do. But I also trust and cheer for her like you do,”. Her manager was explained that through his Instagram account.

SNSD's Yuri

But still, there’s a lot of her fans who were protested their argument about why didn’t Girls’ Generation’s Yuri held her solo fan meeting earlier. Other than that, Girls’ Generation’s Yuri once revealed that she was quite nervous promoting her solo album alone, without the rest of Girls’ Generation member. Not only nervous, she also revealed that she was missing them.