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Let’s See How Girls Generation Taeyeon Celebrated Her Birthday Throughout The Years

Girls Generation Taeyeon

A Special Day for A Special Person

Every year, on March 9th, fans all around the world are celebrating a special day for a special someone… That is Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation! Born with the name Kim Tae-yeon, on March 9th, 1989, she has been a member of SM Entertainment’s girl group Girls’ Generation since 2007, along with other SM projects including Girls’ Generation-TTS, SM the Ballad, and Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG. As the lead vocal of Girls’ Generation, Taeyeon has captured the hearts of the fans around the world and established her name as a successful solo singer.

Wondering how Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has been celebrating her birthday throughout the years? Scroll down this article to find out!



In 2015, on her 26th birthday on Monday, Taeyeon shared a clip of her birthday cake on Instagram.

“Thank you all for being with me today,” said the leader of Girls’ Generation in the caption of the clip, in which she also said, “Wow, (the cake is) pretty! Thank you, guys.”

The whipped cream cake, decorated with strawberries and pink chocolate, was adorned with the words: “Taeyeon, Birthday Party.”

A cute little celebration, isn’t it?



Taeyeon has been known for always giving the best fan service to her fans. And that title was proved when in 2016, Taeyeon threw a special celebration for her 27th birthday along with the fans!

Prior to March 9th, 2016, Taeyeon had already celebrated her birthday in advance together with her loving fans.

“March 2016. Everyone who was with me for my 28th birthday. Thank you so much for always being beside me and I really get a lot of strength from you. Let’s be happy amongst us, people who love each other. There’s not enough time to share only good things and show only good things. Let us meet for a long long time comfortably and preciously ♥ #309 #TaengParty #SONE #tysone,” she wrote on her fan page.

She also reminisced her last year’s birthday party event which she also celebrated with her fans.

“March 2015. Looking at this photo, I suddenly have various thoughts #309 #TaengParty #OneYearAlready I wore a skirt and did a ‘V’ then too.”



On March 9th, 2017, fans all around the world celebrated Taeyeon’s birthday.

In celebration of the Girls’ Generation’s leader’s 28th (29th in Korea) birthday, fans around the world were sending messages of love and support on various social media platforms, causing the hashtag #KingTaeyeonDay to trend worldwide on Twitter.

In return, Taeyeon thanked all the fans who remembered and celebrated it.

She posted a photo with a caption:

“SONE whom I love💜

Hello, it’s Taeyeon!
It’s already March in 2017 huh.
The weather is still a little chilly but somehow the term ‘spring’ is influencing me and I’ve been having many different thoughts^^

It was my 29th birthday today.
I received wishes from a lot of people and it made me realize… ‘I’m really a blessed/fortunate person.’

And even this!
The news of everyone making ‘Fine’ win first place on a music broadcast was the best gift of all😍
To be able to receive such a great gift from SONE made it a day I could be even prouder of.
It’s a wonderful birthday!
Recently, just thinking about the release of my first full-length album and the fact that all of you are next to me –
– makes me feel full even if I don’t eat and makes me feel so secure, just feelings like that hehe. My treasures💜
In the future too, I’ll reciprocate through even better music.

Let’s go on for a long time😍
I love you SONE!”

She also thanked the fans through her Instagram live broadcast.



On her 29th birthday, Taeyeon threw a 3-hour long birthday party with her fans in celebration for her turning of age.

From a fan-account, her birthday party setlist included:

1. Greeting
2. Cake Cutting
3. Taeyeon decorating 30 eggs (and sending them out to fans)
4. Q&A
5. Taengoo TV (Taeng Party Limited Edition)
6. Taengoo’s Taste
7. 1st Stage – Fine
8. 2nd Stage – I’m All Ears
9. 3rd Stage – UR, I Blame On You, and Secret
10. Ending
11. Photo Time with Fans

During the event, she brought her puppy Zero to show to the fans.

Taeyeon also shared heartful sentences with her fans during the celebration:

“When I was young, I felt 29, 30-year-old person is like my big sister, brother, or even aunt. But now me being that age, I feel I’m still quite young. I still feel energetic. I’m adjusting to myself being 30,” she said just before singing.

“Recently, I took a break and spent time healing myself. I think I’ve gained a lot and felt healed today thanks to you. I guess to me, you guys beat any medicine or doctor’s prescription.”



2019 was a tough year for the idol industry and Taeyeon, who was revealed to suffer from depression during that year.

Right after her birthday, Taeyeon attended Yoon Jong-shin and Bean Pole’s music event titled Now Thirty at Stadium in Itaewon which celebrated its 30th anniversary in the industry.

As someone who also turned 30 that year, Taeyeon opened up about the pressure and confusing feelings that followed her entrance into a new decade.

Taeyeon shared, “I just turned 30. I know I shouldn’t say this in front of my superior, but I just feel more motivated to take better care of my body so that I can continue to make music for everyone.” She also added, “Since I’m different from when I danced with SNSD, I have to take care of my voice, too.”

In response, Yoon Jong-shin, who’s turning 50 this year, said she’s just being a baby about it and explained, “30 is when life truly begins. That’s your prime. I think Taeyeon is truly amazing.”

Taeyeon opened up further by saying, “I’m a little confused these days. I don’t know if what I’m doing is right since it’s different from what I imagined. I have a lot of confusing thoughts, but hearing what my superior just said gives me a lot more courage.“



Finally, it’s Taeyeon’s 31st birthday!

Just hours before her song “Happy” is set to drop, Taeyeon shared a special interview for her birthday on March 9th, 2020.

Seated in front of a birthday cake, Taeyeon answered questions about her upcoming single. She introduced “Happy” as a pop song that blends doo-wop and R&B and is about the warmth of spending time with the people you love. She also sang a small spoiler of the song for fans.

She picked her favorite lyric as love me with the temperature that is unique to you.” She explained that the song had been prepared for her repackage of Purpose earlier this year, but since the song was so different from the other tracks, she decided to release it as a single on her birthday instead as a way to give back to her fans.

She said, It feels like I’m kind of congratulating myself, and that I’ve made myself the main character, but I’ve always spent my birthday as a kind of party with my fans. I wanted to try something new this year and communicate with everyone through music. I think this has a special meaning. This song is also a kind of present to myself. Thank you.”

“Happy” was released on March 9th, 2020, at 6 p.m. KST. Check out its music video below!


Happy birthday Taeyeon! Do you have any messages for Taeyeon? Comment in the box below!