GFriend Members Profile



Group Name GFriend
Debut January 16, 2015
Debut Song Glass Bead
Debut Mini-album Season of Glass
Members Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, Umji
Leader Sowon
Fandom Name Buddy
Label Source Music / HYBE Labels (ended contract)

GFriend Members Profile


GFriend or Yeoja Chingu (여자친구) was a K-pop girl group formed by Source Music label. The group was consisting six beautiful and talented members. They are Sowon, Yerin, Eunha, Yuju, SinB, and Umji. Sowon is GFriend’s leader and the maknae is Umji.


Full Name Kim Sojung
Birthday December 7, 1995
Birth Place Seoul, South Korea
Weight 51 kg
Height 172.8 cm
Blood Type A
Family Mother and an older sister
Hobby Bowling, cooking
Nicknames So Leader, Sophrodite, Yap Sowon, Giraffe, etc.
Position Leader, sub vocal

Sowon was the leader and oldest member of GFriend. Her position in the group is sub vocalist. After GFriend ended their contract with Source Music in 2021, she goes by her real name, Kim So-jung and moved to IOK Company to become an actress.


Full Name Jung Yerin
Birthday August 19, 1996
Birth Place Seoul, South Korea
Weight 49 kg
Height 167.4 cm
Blood Type O
Shoe Size 235 mm
Family Parents, older brother
Nicknames Yennie, Mochi, Aegyo Yerin, etc.
Position Lead dancer, sub vocalist

Yerin was the lead dancer and the sub vocalist of GFriend. She enrolled in SOPA, Seoul and went to the same class as Red Velvet’s Joy and APINK’s Hayoung. After GFriend disbanded, Yerin moved to Sublime Artist Agency and started her solo career as a singer and an actress.


Full Name Jung Eunbi
Birthday May 30, 1997
Birth Place Seoul, South Korea
Weight 45 kg
Height 162 cm
Blood Type O
Family Parents, older brother and older sister
Hobby Cooking and watching cooking shows
Nicknames Jjanyangie, Euna, Una, etc.
Position Lead vocalist

Eunha was the lead vocalist of GFriend. Before debuting with GFriend in 2015, Eunha was a child actress. Now that GFriend has disbanded, Eunha and two other members formed a new group called VIVIZ under BPM Entertainment. They debuted in 2022.


Full Name Choi Yuna
Birthday October 4, 1997
Birth Place Gyeonggi, South Korea
Weight 49 kg
Height 169.4 cm
Blood Type B
Family Parents, older sister
Religion Catholic (Baptism name: Angela)
Nicknames Yeo Jelly / Jelly Girl, Jjyu, Choi Sweet, Yujj, etc.
Position Main vocalist

Yuju was the main vocalist of GFriend. Since her childhood, Yuju has participated in some festivals or singing competitions. Before joining GFriend, Yuju auditioned for K-pop Star Season 1. Yuju is now a solo singer under KONNECT Entertainment which made her solo debut in January 2022.


Full Name Hwang Eunbi
Birthday June 3, 1998
Birth Place Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea
Weight 47 kg
Height 166 cm
Blood Type AB
Family Parents, older brother
Hobby Exercising, dancing, reading webtoon, etc.
Nicknames TtinB, Little B, Ttin Ttin, etc.
Position Main dancer, sub vocalist

SinB has the same given name as Eunha, Eun-bi. She was the main dancer of GFriend and now became the main dancer of VIVIZ after the disbandment of GFriend. SinB is close with her fellow 98 liners K-pop idols, including Moonbin from ASTRO who is her childhood friend.


Full Name Kim Yewon
Birthday August 19, 1998
Birth Place Incheon, South Korea
Weight 48 kg
Height 164 cm
Blood Type O
Family Parents, older brother, older sister
Hobby Cooking, window shopping, etc.
Nicknames Omuji, Muji, Baby Bbu Bbu, AB (Always Beauty), etc.
Position Sub vocalist

Umji was born with the name Kim Yewon. She was the youngest member of GFriend. Even so, Umji was born in the same year as SinB and is also close with her 98 liner K-pop idols. In 2022, Umji debuted as a member of VIVIZ after the disbandment of GFriend in 2021.

GFriend Member Age and its Order

Let’s see the age order of GFriend’s members from oldest to youngest.

Name Birthday
1. Sowon December 7, 1995
2. Yerin August 19, 1996
3. Eunha May 30, 1997
4. Yuju October 4, 1997
5. SinB June 3, 1998
6. Umji August 19, 1998

GFriend Member Height

The tallest member in GFriend was Sowon and the shortest was Eunha. Check out the list of GFriend members’ height order from the tallest to the shortest.

Name Height
1. Sowon 172.8 cm
2. Yuju 169.4 cm
3. Yerin 167.4 cm
4. SinB 166 cm
5. Umji 164 cm
6. Eunha 162 cm


GFriend Facts

  • GFriend often uses Spanish for their title track such as Me Gustas Tú, Memoria, and Mago.
  • In an interview, Source Music’s CEO declared that GFriend would never have a sexy concept.
  • All of GFriend members have a lot of aegyo or cuteness.
  • All of GFriend members are pretty with their natural or bare face.
  • Besides SinB who came from Chungcheong-do, five of GFriend members are from the central region of South Korea.
  • All of GFriend members like sweet and sour pork except for Yerin.
  • In June 2020, GFriend members opened their personal Instagram accounts.
  • GFriend doesn’t have a rapper position in the group. When there is a rap part in a song, the one who took the line was between Sowon, Umji, or Yerin.

GFriend Debut and Last Song Comparison Glass Bead vs MAGO

GFriend’s debut song, Glass Bead, was released on January 16, 2015.

GFriend released their last song as a group on November 9, 2022.