All You Need to Know About GFriend’s Eunha’s Hairstyles That You Can Try!


Details about GFriend’s Eunha’s Hairstyles!

Best known by her stage name, Eunha, she  born as Jung Eun-bi. She began her career in entertainment as a child actress, and had a role in the 2007 television drama ‘The Clinic for Married Couples: Love and War.’ Eunha was born in Seoul, South Korea on May 30, 1997, and she debuted as a member of GFriend in early 2015, with the song ‘Glass Bead’.

She is often also referred to as the ‘Living Doll’ because of her cute and beautiful face, like a doll’s. Before debuting with GFriend, under the auspices of Source Music, Eunha and another GFriend member and childhood friend, SinB, transitioned from Big Hit Entertainment. Both come from the same childhood dance team.

Eunha only trained for two months under Source Music before being selected as a member of GFRIEND. Talented in singing, dancing, and acting, as well as being beautiful like a ‘living doll’, Eunha managed to captivate the fans, ‘Buddy’ (GFriend’s fans), with her charm.

Let’s find out more details about Eunha’s hairstyle!

Eunha’s Straight, Long Hair


At the beginning of her debut, in the Glass Bead and Rough eras, Eun-ha wore her hair long and straight. During this period of time, she had an innocent and pure look that perfectly matched their group’s image.


At the beginning of its debut, GFriend got a lot of nasty comments because many people considered the group to have no visuals, buy the group continued to struggle and slowly gained popularity. Their balanced vocals and dancing qualities garnered praise from many people and GFriend started to have many fans, called Buddy.

When GFriend made its debut with the song Glass Bead, many netizens commented that they didn’t look like they were wearing any makeup in their music video. Eunha’s beauty, especially her expression and natural-looking hairstyle, added a pure and innocent impression to this song.


Thanks to Eunha’s image in the era of Glass Bead, she succeeded in bringing the name GFriend as a group that has the concept of fresh-innocent girls. Eunha’s songs and hairstyles are perfectly coupled with her natural expressions, making her look fresh and cheerful in this concept.


Not only in the era of Glass Bead, Eunha kept that long, straight hairstyle during the Time for the Moon Night era, but changed it up a little by adding bangs.


Different from their previous concept, this song had an elegant concept, and Eunha’s addition of bangs to her otherwise very simple hairstyle brought a little more sophistication and made more people recognize her beauty.

In one of their performance videos for Time for the Moon Night, netizens commented, “After seeing this and a few other songs, I would be insane not to stan. They’re all so beautiful and Eunha really just blew me away “[Olivia Jordyn],

I love Eunha, beautiful voice, Gfriend always in my heart Iloveyou, Buddy you are amazing !! ” [Nandal lisya_],

Eunha is so sexy and cute and beautiful! 😍 I wish I could go to the concert and see her in person❤ ———— Fan from Taiwan ” [thalia love]

I SWEAR EUNHA IS A FAIRY” [I am Sehun’s first & Last Wife 4ever]. many people replied this comment and agreed with her statement.

Many more netizens praised and became fascinated by Eunha’s beauty.


Eunha looked even more fairy-like by wearing a flower crown on her head at a GFriend fan meeting. Once again, Eunha’s beauty was able to conquer the hearts of her fans. Although their concept is elegant in this era, Eunha’a adorable face and behavior increasingly made Buddy love her.

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