Rapper Gary First TV Appearance with His Son on KBS The Return of Superman


Rapper Gary and His Son on KBS The Return of Superman

Kang Gary is well known for his former role as a rapper in the South Korean duo Leessang and the popular variety show Running Man. In 2016, the rapper decided to leave the variety show that raised his name. And since then, Gary has also been on hiatus from the entertainment industry by reason of marrying his girlfriend and focusing on his roles as a husband and father for his little family.

However, in early 2020, Gary made a long-awaited appearance in television after a hiatus of three years by appearing on the popular KBS family reality show The Return of Superman with his adorable and genius son, Kang Ha-oh. During the show, Gary had to take care of his 26-month-old son by himself without his wife.

In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with news about rapper Gary’s first TV appearance with his son on KBS’ The Return of Superman. Let’s find out more about the funny rapper and his genius son, Kang Ha-oh. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down this article.

Kang Gary And His Son Ha-oh

After three years of being on a break from the entertainment industry, Kang Gary finally introduced and revealed his son to the public. Since he left the variety show Running Man in late 2016, and went on hiatus from television, Gary has been very private about his little family. However, in early 2020, Kang Gary revealed his son for the first time by joining the variety show The Return of Superman.

In the first episode of The Return of Superman of Kang Gary and his son that aired on February 8th, 2020, Kang Gary introduced his son to the viewers. The rapper’s son’s name is Kang Ha-oh. He was born in November 2017 and now he is 2 years old. Kang Ha-oh bravely introduced himself for the first time on national TV through the family’s first episode of The Return of Superman.

During the first episode of The Return of Superman, Ha-oh surprised viewers when he showed off his intelligence by speaking with complex vocabulary. No one could believe that he is only 2 years old but his vocabulary is shockingly wide. Even the camera staff were completely surprised when they heard Ha-oh speak with difficult words for his age. The camera staff were whispering to each other and said that Ha-oh is really smart and they could not believe that he knew difficult words even for adults.

Not only can Ha-oh speak and understand difficult vocabulary, but he also can remember long lists of numbers such as his mother’s phone number. It showed in the family’s first episode of the show and he blurted out his mother’s phone number on TV. The 2 years old kid is not only smart, but he is also fashionable. Although he is only 2 years old, he already knows popular brands and has his own specific style that he likes. He even asked his father, Kang Gary, for a specific brand that he wanted to wear.

Reason For His Hiatus From The Entertainment Industry

In October 2016, Kang Gary decided to leave the popular variety show SBS’ Running Man after being on the show for seven years to study music and to focus on his career as a rapper. A year after leaving the variety show, the rapper then announced the news of his marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend in April 2017 and in November the same year he welcomed his first son to the world. And since then Gary has not been on television and has been on a long break from the entertainment industry for about three years. He left the industry to focus on his role as a husband for his wife and new dad to his son.

Three years after being on a hiatus, Kang Gary decided to join the popular variety show The Return of Superman with his 26-month-old son Kang Ha-oh. It is the rapper’s first variety show after leaving the entertainment industry back in 2016. At first, it was revealed that Kang Gary was worried to accept the opportunity to join the show. The staff of the variety show said that it was hard to cast Gary and his son to join the show. Gary’s news of joining The Return of Superman was warmly welcomed by fans and viewers. That is because Gary has so far chosen to hide his son and his little family from the media.

Ha-oh Charm And His Musical Talent

Since appearing in the popular variety show The Return of Superman, Kang Gary’s son Kang Ha-oh stole a lot of attention with his charm and intelligence. The adorable baby boy is really taking after his father, and he is already a talented musician. Through the variety show, he showed off his singing skills. He can sing simple harmonies on key and rhythm.

Not only can he sing with harmonies and difficult lyrics, but he can also play various instruments such as guitar. Even though he is only 2 years and 2 months old, Kang Ha-oh has shown his interest in music, singing, and playing various instruments, much like his dad who is a musician and famous rapper. In one episode of The Return of Superman, Kang Gary takes his son, Kang Ha-oh to instrument stores to buy him a guitar. During the episode, Ha-oh looks like an expert guitarist who looks for a guitar that he needs. He likes big guitars and wants to buy a guitar that is similar to Teacher Won Bae’s guitar. He also plays the guitar to test it.

When the two, dad and son, look for a guitar in the market, Ha-oh shows that he knows the value of money although he is only 2 years old. Most kids his age would just pick whatever they want without minding the price. But not for Ha-oh, he knew that the guitar he wants is really expensive so he suggested his dad looking around. They went to different stores looking for different instruments but after knowing all the prices, Ha-oh wanted the guitar that they looked the first time. The two then went back to the first shop and he picked the cheapest guitar. He never forgets to bow and thank his dad for buying it for him. Ha-oh is indeed one of a kind kid.

Ha-oh Cute Interaction With The Camera Lady

Kang Ha-oh is really a charming and smart kid. Not only he is smart and good at talking and remembering, but also a genius at music and playing instruments, Kang Ha-oh is also good at socializing with people around him. He always greets people who are older than him and shows his manners. He is always considerate of the people around him, especially the staff of The Return of Superman who always followed him to record the videos. There are many staff members who work to shoot video at his home. Ha-oh always greets them when he wakes up in the morning and starts shooting. When he eats something, he never forgets to share it with the staff.

One of the staff that caught Kang Ha-oh’s attention was the camerawoman. In one episode of the show, Kang Gary took Ha-oh to watch the moving truck. After watching the moving truck, they went out for lunch. Ha-oh then also asked the producer and cameraman to take a seat while they were eating. When he saw the camera lady, he asked his father to go to the bathroom so that he could share his food with the camera lady. He also sat beside her shyly and touched her foot with his. He even confessed that he liked her and acted cute toward her. He really looks adorable.

In another episode, when Gary cooked a dalgona with a frying pan for him that turned into a horror thriller, Ha-oh had to ask the camera lady to help him and his dad in a hurry to make a dalgona. When the camera lady helped them to make a dalgona, Ha-oh even cheered her on. Kang Ha-oh is hilariously cute.

Kang Gary And Kang Ha-oh Cute Interaction

Since Kang Gary and his son’s first episode of The Return of Superman was aired in February 2020, Kang Ha-oh has become a hot topic and drew the viewers’ attention with his linguistic skills and he also showed his love for music and can even play instruments taking after his father. Through the variety show, viewers can also watch Kang Gary’s interaction with his son. As many people know, especially for those who have been long Running Man fans, know that Kang Gary is a funny and careless figure. Many viewers were curious about how Gary managed to raise his son. But who would have thought outside of his attitude that looked funny and careless, Kang Gary turned out to be a father figure who is caring and close to his child.

Through their appearance on the variety show, Kang Gary showed viewers how he spends his time with his son. The two, dad and son, really have a tight bond and cute interaction. In several episodes, the adorable interactions between Gary and Ha-oh are visible. One of them is when Gary tries to make dalgona for Ha-oh with a frying pan. However, it turned out to be a horror story where Ha-oh cries loudly and he tries to save the frying pan. Ha-oh stops his dad to make a dalgona and says that he does not want to eat that.

In another episode, Kang Gary prepares a fun game to test Ha-oh’s memory. Gary made his own memory board with 16 items under the lids. After Ha-oh memorized the pictures under the lids, Gary asked him questions. When Ha-oh would answer correctly to Gary’s questions, Gary would react excessively and shout “Oh My God” because he couldn’t believe his son’s exceptional abilities. Gary looked proud of his child and the two sang a song together in celebration. Both dad and son were really adorable.

Latest News

Joining the variety show The Return of Superman is the first variety show that Kang Gary appears in after three years of being away from television. The rapper looks happy with his little family. And there is no other information whether Gary will release his new music or album in the near future or he will make another project. For now, he enjoys spending his time with his family and has put his focus on being a good husband to his wife and father to his charming and genius son Kang Ha-oh.

That was all the information about the rapper Gary’s first TV appearance with his son on KBS’ The Return of Superman. Please, do not forget to kindly share your thoughts and drop a line in the comment section below!