Get Closer With (G)-IDLE’s Soo-Jin’s (Profile, Facts, Age, Tattoo, and Latest News)


Tattoos of (G)-IDLE Soo-jin

According to reports, (G)-IDLE’s Soo-jin has eight tattoes on her body:

  1. The number 1849 on the back of her left wrist
  2. “Self Love is the best love” on the back of her left arm
  3. A cute black cross on her back, close to her left shoulder
  4. A cherry, close to her belly button on her hip
  5. Heart shape on her finger
  6. A heart shaped tattoo on her right shoulder
  7. A diamond shaped tattoo on her waist
  8. “Blue” tattoo right at the back of her neck

She and her mother used the number as their special id number, “sjsj1849.”

Heart shaped tattoo to celebrate friendship with her best friend

Latest News About (G)-IDLE Soo-jin

She posted a selfie on her Instagram account and greeted her fans.

On December 20th, 2019, Soo-jin greeted the (G)-idle fan club, Neverland, on her instagram account. She shared pictures of her self in her daily looks. She looks pure and innocent without the heavy makeup that she usually applies when performing on stage.

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