Get Closer With (G)-IDLE’s Soo-Jin’s (Profile, Facts, Age, Tattoo, and Latest News)

Complete Information About (G)-IDLE, Soo-jin

(G)-idle is a global Korean girl group formed by Cube Entertainment.  (G)-idle was formed in 2018, and consisted of six members: Soo-jin, Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon, Shuhua, and Yuqi. They made a debut with the EP I am on May 2nd, 2018.

Among all the members, lately Soo-jin has been getting attention and has become very popular. The main reason is because of her powerful and sexy dance moves. Debuting under Cube Entertainment and having an exceptional dancing skill earned her comparison with former Cube Entertainment’s goddess and dance queen, HyunA.

Steadily gaining attention for her sexy appeal, powerful dance moves and numerous tattoos, Soo-jin is destined to be the next queen of Cube Entertainment. In this article, Channel-Korea will talk all about the beautiful and sexy member (G)-IDLE, Soo-jin. So stay tuned!

Full Profile of (G)-IDLE Soo-jin
  • Name: Seo Su-Jin
  • Stage Name: Soo-jin
  • Date of Birth: March 9th, 1998
  • Place of Birth: Gyeonggi Province, Hwaseong, Korea
  • Height: 164 cm
  • Weight: 43 kg
  • Zodiac: Pisces
  • Management: CUBE Entertainment
  • Education: Korean Arts High School
  • Instagram: soojinseo.gidle

Fun Facts (G)-IDLE Soo-jin
  • Soo-jin’s nickname is Cherry
  • She dated Pentagon’s Hui in August 2018, but they broke up
  • She often acts like the “mother” of (G)-IDLE
  • She looks fierce on the outside, but she is a shy girl
  • She has excellent skill in applying makeup
  • Soo-jin loves to cook, and she is good at cooking
  • She used to study dance and tae kwon do
  • Her family was against her wanting to become an idol
  • She appeared on Soyeon’s music video
  • She is close with Shuhua, and they often times kiss each other
  • Soo-jin hates red beans
  • She trained for four years before debuting on 2016
  • She auditioned with a Red Velvet song
  • She has an excellent body proportion, and look good in every style and outfit
  • Soo-jin has a sister who is seven years younger than she is
  • Her position in (G)-idle changed between main dancer, sub vocal, and visual.
  • She has a cute tear-drop shaped birthmark below her left eye.
  • She has the best dancing skill among the other (G)-idle members
  • She loves walking and mountain climbing
  • ChungHa, Jeon SoMi, GWSN’s MinJu, Lee Ga-eun, and LOONA’s Olivia Hye have a crush on Soojin. They loved her dance skill and wanted to be close with her.
  • She was rumored to date Pentagon’s Hui before Cube Entertainment stated that the couple had separated.
  • She loves applying thick red lipstick on her full lips. She became known as the idol with red lipstick. Her Queendom stage performance when she removed her red lipstick while on stage became a legendary scene
  • She loves eating pork belly meat. She said she can eat pork belly meat throughout her life without feeling bored

(G)-IDLE Soo-jin is HyunA Look-Alike

HyunA and Soo-jin have several similar things in common.

Both are excellent dancers, having sexy appeal and capturing the crowd’s attention when doing solo dance performances. Perhaps HyunA as the senior and former member of Cube Entertainment had taught her several tips about capturing and grabbing the attention when performing on the stage.

Soo-jin also grabbed attention for dating the Cube Entertainment artist, Pentagon’s Hui, just like HyunA dated Pentagon’s E-Dawn.

Other than dating the same company’s artists, both HyunA and Soo-jin have several tattoos on their body. Most noticeable are lines of memorable words on HyunA’s back and the back of Soo-jin’s arm. They also have small tattoos between their fingers, number tattoos, heart shape tattoos, and cross tattoos.

Soo-jin and HyunA have small dot-shaped birthmarks below their left eyes. Their dot birthmark added extra appeal to their beautiful faces. Both of them also have full lips that completed their sexiness, especially when HyunA and Soo-jin applied thick red lipstick on them.

In the 2018 United CUBE Concert, HyunA and (G)-IDLE shared the stage and performed HyunA’s hit single, Bubble Pop. On the stage, she treated her junior as if she was her daughter. She gave each member chances to show their voice and dance performance. Soo-jin stood next to her at the center position. She stood out among other members, and amazed the audience with a sexy cover dance. Both of them have sexy hip dances and sexy appeal that attracted the audience.

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