All About G-Dragon’s Moments With Lee Haru (Epik High’s Tablo’s Daughter)


Haru turned shy when G-Dragon appeared and tried to greet her by pinching her cheek, and she rejected her hand. She didn’t actually reject G-Dragon, but she wanted to do another fist-bump with him just like when they first met before he went on. G-Dragon was a little bit surprised, but he immediately gave her the fist-bump.

After the fist bump, Haru managed to say something to her lovable oppa. She put a lot of effort forth to speak in front of G-Dragon and not let the moment gt away. She said, “You should go sing,” before G-Dragon had to perform again. “I’m going up again. You’re so smart,” G-Dragon replied, giving Haru a soft pat on her head.

They also did a high-five afterward, although Haru refused to look G-Dragon in the eyes because she was still very shy. Before they had to separate, G-Dragon suddenly approached Haru by asking her to give him a kiss on his cheek to cheer him up. The shy little girl turned into a brave one, because she managed to give him a kiss! Haru also gave G-Dragon a second kiss on his other cheek.

They are so cute and adorable, right?

Haru Still Misses Her Oppa, G-Dragon

When Haru attended the YG Family Concert in Osaka, Japan, she wasn’t embarrassed anymore about meeting G-Dragon or any of the YG Entertainment artists. She became very cheerful and liked to greet everyone backstage. This time, after watching the concert, Haru managed to greet G-Dragon backstage without any hesitation!

They made eye-contact when Haru went into BIGBANG’s waiting room. At the same time, she couldn’t move any further, since she becomes very shy every time shesees G-Dragon. With a lot of spirit, she slowly approached G-Dragon by waving her hand.

Hi, Haru. How have you been?” G-Dragon asked her in a friendly tone, and, of course, a smile on his face. Haru couldn’t help but stare at him, and she made eye contact again, then left without saying anything.

Haru left G-Dragon and couldn’t say a proper thing, but peeked at him one more time and gave him a wave. Tablo’s girl just wanted to say “Have a good performance, Jiyong oppa,” but she always got shy every time they saw each other.

When Haru was waiting for her father to get dressed, her thoughts were still filled with the memorable kiss with G-Dragon backstage. The cute little girl was accompanied by her mother into the waiting room, and she said that she wanted to see Jiyong oppa sing.

Her mother brought Haru to the venue and they watched BIGBANG’s performance on stage. Haru memorized all the BIGBANG members, and said that Daesung was the Uncle Fish she met earlier.

Haru’s love for G-Dragon seems to be getting stronger. Although initially shy when they saw each other, now Haru is more confident facing the Big Bang leader. One incident was shown in an episode of the reality show The Return Of The Superman.

In the preview, it shows Tablo taking Haru and his wife, Kang Hye-jung, to Osaka for the YG Family concert. This opportunity also made Tablo’s dream of Haru watching him perform on stage come true. His wife thought she should take Haru for a walk, first.

Can you give us your credit card for us to shop?” pled Hye-jung, and was approved by Tablo. Apparently Haru also noticed the conversation, and asked her father, “Father, can we buy dolphins with your card?” Hearing his daughter’s innocent question made Tablo laugh, and he was even more surprised by the sequel, “Then can I buy Kwon Ji Yong (GD), too?” Haru asked, innocently.

No Haru, we can’t buy Kwon Ji-yong,” answered the Epik High member, joking. “Dad’s card will later exceed the maximum expenditure limit.” Haru was also invited to meet her idol when he arrived at the concert location. The 4-year-old little girl was so excited to find G-Dragon. “Where is Ji Young oppa? Is he sleeping? Why is he sleeping?” she asked enthusiastically.

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