Full Information and Facts About Relationship Between G-Dragon and Nana Komatsu


Nana Komatsu is Actually Dating Masaki Suda?


According to Soompi, not long after the private Instagram photos were leaked, Japanese outlets reported that Nana Komatsu was actually dating actor Masaki Suda. Livedoor News also reported that Nana Komatsu X Masaki Suda’s relationship was quite famous, and asked, “Isn’t Nana Komatsu’s boyfriend Masaki Suda?” in response to Nana Komatsu X G-Dragon’s dating rumor.

Another Japanese outlet, CyzoWoman, stated that Nana Komatsu met Masaki Suda while filming Drowning Love. They became closer, and have been dating ever since. They also reported that if we looked at when Nana Komatsu started dating Masaki Suda and when the photo with G-Dragon was taken, the possibility that Nana Komatsu might have been cheating can’t be ruled out. A different news outlet also claimed that they had reported several times about Nana Komatsu X Masaki Suda’s relationship. However, there was no confirmation from the artists involved.

Latest News About G-Dragon and Nana Komatsu

Nana Komatsu is still active as model and actress. She took the lead role for the upcoming Japanese movies in 2020, Sakura and Ito. Recently, she posted a video of herself walking in an Chanel event.

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Meanwhile, G-Dragon is currently fulfilling his military service as an active duty soldier. It was reported that he will be discharged on October 26, 2019. Recently, he posted a set of pictures on his Instagram, after nine months since his last post.

There might be reasons why they chose not to say anything regarding the rumors. Whether the dating rumor was true or not, it is better to let the artists have their own life and respect their privacy. Let’s all show our support for them and look forward for their activities in the future!