All About Cute Korean Actor Lee Joo-seung: Profile, Age, Wife, Movies, and Drama

lee joo-seung

The Korean Actor Lee Joo-seung

Lee Joo-seung, most known for his roles in independent movies, is a Seoul-born Korean actor. He started his career in 2007 by partaking in the 2008 movie A Cheonggyecheon Dog. 

Full Profile of Lee Joo-seung

  • Name: Lee Joo-seung (이주승)
  • Birthdate: July 20th, 1989
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Height: 174 cm
  • Weight: 58 kg
  • Blood Type: A
  • Zodiac: Cancer
  • Education: Seoul University- Department of Theatre
  • Entertainment Company: Clover Company

Movie Career of Lee Joo-seung

Lee Joo-seung

Lee Joo-seung, most famous for starring in independent films, started his career in 2007. He took on the role of young Min-soo in the movie A Cheonggyecheon Dog (2008). Graduated from the Department of Theatre of Seoul University, Lee Joo-seung prospered in acting, especially on the big screen. Despite starring in more than five movies before his debut to the drama scene in 2013, Lee Joo-seung is most known for his role as Baek Min-Jae, the male lead character of the indie film Shuttlecock (2014).

Being an amazing actor, Lee Joo-seung has snatched a few awards. For the role of Baek Min-Jae from Shuttlecock (2014), he received two awards in total, The 39th Seoul Independent Film Festival’s Independent Star Award and 23rd Bull Film Award’s Best New Actor. Other than that, he also received The 13th Mise-en-scène Short Film Festival’s Jury’s Special Award for the Actor for the movie Sabra (2014).

List of Movies Lee Joo-seung

Year Title Role
2008 A Cheonggyecheon Dog Min-soo (young)
2009 Members of the Funeral  Noh Hee-joon
2010 One Night Stand  Young man (segment: “First Night”)
A Fever (short film) Young man
2011 A Confession Yoon Kyung-Ho
Ordinary Days Lee Soo-hyuk (segment: “Distance”)
2012 U.F.O Jung Soon-kyu
2013 A Boy’s Sister Jin-Ho
Farewell Yong-kyu
2014 Broken Jo Doo-shik
Shuttlecock Baek Min-Jae
Futureless Things Lee Ji-yong
Remarkable (web film) Joo-seung
Sabra (short film) Han Sol
2015 Socialphobia Yong-min
2016 Duel: Final Round Choi Poong-ho
Graduating Class Jung-woo

Drama Career Lee Joo-seung

Lee Joo-seung

Despite putting more time towards the silver screen, Lee Joo-seung finally took on TV screens in 2013 with KBS2 Drama Special– My Friend Is Still Alive. After his first appearance in the drama scene, Lee Joo-seung has actively played a part in taking roles in dramas. He has a very keen eye for good dramas, proven by the number of popular dramas he has starred in such as High School King of Savvy (2014), Blade Man (2014), and Pinocchio (2014).

Recently, he starred in one of tvN’s most anticipated drama series, Let’s Eat.

Drama List Lee Joo-seung

Year Title Role Network
2013 Drama Special- My Friend Is Still Alive  Chi-hyun KBS2
Drama Special- Outlasting Happiness Dong-soo
2014 Golden Cross Oh Chang-hee
High School King of Savvy Ji Dae-han tvN
Prominent Woman Lee Joo-seung Naver TV Cast
Flirty Boy and Girl Man #4 Daum
Blade Man Joo Hong-joo KBS2
Pinocchio Ahn Chan-soo SBS
Bland You Sung-tae EBS
2015 Drama Special- Let’s Stand Still Yang Joon-shik KBS2
Let’s Eat 2 Lee Joo-seung/ Ahn Chan-soo tvN
The Producers FD Kim Joon-bae KBS2
The Time We Were Not in Love Oh Dae-bok SBS
9 Seconds- Eternal Time Kang Yoo-chan DramaFever
2016 Drama Special- World Without Sympathy Cha Joon-ho KBS2
2017 Voice Hwang Kyung-il (ep 4-6) OCN
Distorted Yon Sun-woo SBS
Drama Stage- Assistant Manager Park’s Private Life Park Jong-hyuk tvN
2018 Let’s Eat 3 Ahn Chan-soo (ep 1)


Lee Joo-seung’s Baby Face and Actual Age

Lee Joo-seung

Lee Joo-seung, born on July 20th, 1989, has just recently reached the age of 29 internationally and 30 in Korea. This fact, however, does not guarantee that the public will recognize the man as older than twenty. Due to his baby face and very chubby cheeks, Lee Joo-seung is often mistaken for a teenager.

Nowadays, he is trying to take on more serious and grown-up roles to increase the impression of being older on screen.

Dating Rumors: Girlfriend and Wife of Lee Joo-seung

Son Eun-seo Lee Joo-seung

In the long years of his career, Lee Joo-seung has only ever been caught in a dating scandal once. In the first half of 2018, Lee Joo-seung was caught in a dating scandal with fellow actress Son Eun-seo.

On April 19th, 2018, both agencies over the artists confirmed that Lee Joo-seung and Son Eun-soo have been dating for six months. They disclosed that their first meeting was due to the filming of the movie Duel: The Final Round (2016). The two kept in contact and were once again reunited through the filming for the drama Voice (2017).

Up until now, the couple has yet to reveal any wedding plans and choose to date comfortably.

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