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Kim Hyo-Jin’s Top 3 Dramas

1. Magic (2004)


The drama was written by Yoon Sung-hee and directed by Hong Chang-wook which aired by SBS. Kim Hyo-jin plays Dan-young, Gang Dong-won as Cha Kang-jae, Cha Kang-jae as Lee Sun-mo, Uhm Ji-won as Ha Yun-jin.

Magic tells about Kang-jae grew up under a jobless, gangster father. When Kang-jae accidentally meets Lee Dae-Hae and his son Sun-Mo, he feels more attached to Dae-Hae than to his own father. Through Dae-Hae and Sun-Mo, Kang-Jae learns the basics of magic as well as what the fatherly love really means. Sun-Mo, on the other hand, has a love-hate relationship with his father, who only cares about magic and nothing else. Meanwhile, Sun-Mo is heartbroken by Dan-Young, who falls in love with Kang-Jae.

2. She Has Come Back! (2005)


She Has Come Back! is a drama written by Lee Shin-Seo, Moon Eun-Ah and directed by Kim Myung-Wook, Lee Jin-Seo. The drama is aired by KBS2 where Kim Hyo-Jin as Kim Su-Ryeong, Ju-seung Kim as Jeong Ha-Rok, Kim Nam-Jin as Jeong Min-Jae, and Seo Ji-Hye as Cha Joo-Ha.

The drama is about So-Ryeong is a college student in 1979 and a young actress in 2005. In 1979, she falls deeply in love with Ha-rok who is her father disapproves their marriage. She finally persuades her father to approve marriage. Devastatingly, she collapses moments before the wedding after suffering a heart attack.

Her father decides to cryogenically freeze her. In 2005, she miraculously awakes to live another life, totally different from what it used to be. She is not the long-haired student but a slender tomboy. By a twist of fate, she reunites with the has-been movie director Ha-Rok. Through his generosity and help, she becomes an actress. Ha-rok’s brief delight is abruptly ended when he finds out that she is in love with his son. And his son, who has always been there for him and nothing less than his best friend, is now in love with the woman he loves.

3. Marry Me, Mary! (2010)

mary me

The drama is quite popular in 2010 which aired by KBS2. This drama stars Moon Geun-Young as Mary, Jang Keun Suk as Kang Mu-Gyul, Kim Hyo-Jin as Seo-Jun, and Kim Jae-Wook as Jung-In. Seo-Jun is a sexy, sophisticated woman. She also comes from a rich family. Seo-Jun works as an actress, preferring to make movies rather than dramas. Seo-Jun broke up with Mu-Gyul about a year ago, but still attends his performances without his knowledge. She also has a care-free spirit similar to Mu-Gyul’s, but uses this to cover up how emotionally fragile she is.

Marry Me, Mary! telling about the three young people trying to salvage the wrecks made of their lives by the shameful ways their parents have lived. Mu-Gyul’s mom is flighty and cares more about her latest man than her son. Mary’s dad is semi-competent at best and easily conned. Jung-In’s dad, while a successful businessman, just wants Mary to wed his son to satisfy the sick obsession he’s had with Mary’s mom, an obsession that ultimately led to his divorce of Jung-In’s mom.

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