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Baek Ra-hee was born on May 21st, 1978, in BusanSouth Korea. She is better known by her stage name Jung Ga-eun. She is a South Korean actress and entrepreneur, who has appeared in several Korean television series, such as Rollercoaster and Sunday Sunday Night.

Since 2009, she created and co-operates an online female dress mall called Jungganda (Jung [Ga-eun] is coming). Jung Ga-eun married a fellow businessman on January 30th, 2016, in Gangnam, Seoul. She gave birth to a daughter on July 20th, 2016. On January 26th, 2018, her agency officially announced their divorce, after being together for two years.

Jung Ga-Eun’s Full Profile
Birth Name  Baek Ra-hee
Stage Name Jung Ga-Eun (정가은)
Date and Place of Birth May 21st, 1978BusanSouth Korea
  • Actress
  • Model
Height 173 cm
Blood Type A
Years Active  2001–present
Agency Double V Entertainment
Spouse(s) (m. 2016–2018)
Children 1 (daughter)
Social Media Twitter: @missmiko2001

Jung Ga-eun’s Career


She debuted as a contestant in the pageant of Miss Gyeongnam Seon in 2001, after which she began her career in the entertainment industry serving as the fitting model and face of CJ O Shopping’s clothing merchandises. Soon after, she rose to fame as a TV personality, joining the cast of several variety shows, such as Sponge 2.0BEAST Idol MaidInfinite Girls, and Heroes. She concurrently made several Korean soap operas and commercials, including LG’s TNGT in 2006 and SK Telecom in 2007. Since July 2009, she joined a pioneer of situation comedy programme called Rollercoaster from the South Korean cable channel tvN, and it boosted her popularity with huge success since then.

Jung Ga-eun’s Filmography



  • KBS2 Sponge 2.0 (2003–2012)
  • MBC Sunday Sunday Night (2009–2014)
  • tvN Rollercoaster, leading actress with Jeong Hyeong-don
  • MBC Infinite Girls Season 1
  • SBS Good Sunday’s Yo Girls Diary Season 2 (2010)
  • SBS Heroes (2010–2011)
  • MBC BEAST Idol Maid (2010)
  • SBS Master’s Sun as Ahn Jin-joo
  • MBC A Thousand Kisses as Jang Hye-bin (2011–2012)
  • tvN Rollercoaster 2
  • KBS2 Family (2012 TV series) (2012) cameo
  • SBS Plus Her Lovely Heels (2014)

Music Video

  • Shinhwa’s “Throw my fist”

Congratulations, Actress Jung Ga-eun is Officially Married!


Actress Jung Ga-eun officially got married on January 30th, 2016, with her boyfriend from the same industry.

Jung Ga-eun held her private wedding ceremony on the fifth-floor grand ballroom at the InterContinental Grand Seoul Parnas Hotel in Gangnam. Her same-age husband is a businessman and they got married after dating for a year. The singer The One will be singing at the wedding, while g.o.d‘s Danny Ahn will be acting as the host. The couple flew off to Hawaii the next day where they spent their honeymoon vacation. It is also noted that Jung Ga-eun was 14 weeks pregnant at the time.

Jung Ga-eun Massages This Part of her Husband’s Body to Keep Their Marriage Strong


Jung Ga-eun revealed that she gives her husband massages in this specific area to keep their marriage going strong. On SBS‘s Woman Plus, Jung Ga-eun revealed a beauty tip that could help with detoxifying the skin of toxins, as well as improving intimacy in one’s marriage.

She explained that using Dead Sea salt as a scrub on any part of your body would help release the toxins as the salts are packed full of minerals that aid the detoxifying process.

Jung Ga-eun added that couples could use this scrub on each other to help increase their intimacy, and revealed that she likes to scrub her husband with Dead Sea salt on the one body part that she tends to touch the most and that this massage spot has won his heart over and over again.

The host Byun Jung-soo cautiously asked which part that was, to which Jung Ga-eun replied without hesitation, “His butt.” Everyone in the studio laughed and covered their mouths in shock at her honesty, but appreciated it nonetheless.

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