All You Need to Know About G.O.D’s Leader, Joon Park (Full Profile, Facts, Love Life, and Latest News)

Joon Park and G.O.D

All About G.O.D Leader, Joon Park

Joon Park is leader of the K-pop group G.O.D, and is famous for his unique and daring style. His iconic BAAAM, is spreading in Korea and quickly started trending. The performer has an interesting life, and is known to be close with a lot of celebrities.

So, How is All You Need to Know About G.O.D’s Leader, Joon Park (Full Profile, Facts, Love Life, and Latest News)? We are here for you guys! Today, Byeol Korea will provide you with more information about their profiles, discography, and a lot more. Ready? Let’s go!

Full Profile of Joon Park

Joon Park Profile
  • Real Name: Park Joon-hyung
  • Birthday: July 20, 1969
  • Education: California State University
  • Occupation: Actor, Singer
  • Agency: SidusHQ
  • Years Active: 1999 – Present

Surprisingly Facts About Joon Park

  • He made a Hollywood debut with movie “Dragon Ball Revolution” in 2009.
  • During his debut, JYP Entertainment lied about the year he was born. They said he was born in 1975.
  • He thinks Kang Ho-dong is cute and like to pinch Ho-dong’s cheek.
  • His manager doesn’t like to eat with him, since he only eats the same thing at the restaurant.
  • When he gets tired dancing during performances, he always comes to the fans while singing his part.
  • He started skateboarding when he was 7 years old.
  • He’s close friends with GOT7’s Jackson.
  • He get mobbed during filming a show.
  • He still can’t speak or hear the Korean language correctly, for some reason.
  • He can do a hand stand from a pole.
  • He gets sinus infections.
  • He used to gett bullied when he was young.
  • During his school days, he pranked teacher in class by whistling in a unique way.
  • He thought “Im Dae Mun Ui” is a name for a rich person, while actually it’s a term for building.
  • He made everyone get in trouble when meeting the president.
  • He’s had a dog since he was kid.
  • He was in Janet Jackson If music video.



Joon Park’s Filmography

Joon Park filmography

Joon Park began pursuing a career as an actor when he was back in the United States. He became a successful actor while he was there, and still works as an actor in addition to his schedule with G.O.D in Korea. He’s starred in several Korean dramas and also appeared in Korean variety shows as an entertainer.

Let’s take a look at Joon Park’s activity as an actor and entertainer until now as show cast.


Year Movie Title Role
2008 Speed Racer Yakuza Driver
2009 Dragonball Evolution Yamcha
2011 Hero: 108 Mr. No Hands



Year Drama Title Role Notes
1998 Soonpoong Clinic Joon
2009 Dark Blue Shin Uncredited
2014 You Are My Destiny Himself Cameo
Love Cells Doraejoon
(One man salesman)


Variety Shows

Year Shows Title Role
2014 Roommate Regular cast, season 2
2015 Animals
2016 The Friends in Chiang Mai With Danny Ahn and Ryohei Otani
Take a Look At Myself With Jackson Wang
I Can See Your Voice Seasons 3-5


Joon Park’s Discography

Joon Park discography

Most off Joon Park’s songs are as part of G.O.D. He’s only collaborated with other artists a few times, nor does he seem to have plans to do a solo project anytime soon. Here are some of Joon Park collaboration songs with other artists.

2005 Exposed album – Gotta Clue with Coco Lea

2009 T-Virus album – Memory and Remembrance with Kim Tae-woo, Ho-young and Danny

2018 정규 1집 Part 2 album – 터널 with Paul Kim

Joon Park’s Appearance on Dragon Ball

Joon Park Dragon Ball

Joon Park made an appearance in the 2009 live action “Dragonball Evolution” alongside many famous actor and actress. That was when Joon Park started to pursue acting in the United States after leaving Korea in 2001.

“Dragonball Evolution” is a 2009 British-American-Hong Kong science fantasy action adventure film directed by James Wong, produced by Brett Ratner, and written by Ben Ramsey. Joon Park starred as Yamcha, a desert bandit. He played alongside Canadian actor Justin Chatwin, Chinese actor Chow Yun-fat, American actress Emmy Rossum and Jamie Chung, American actor James Marsters and many more.

Joon Park Appearance on ‘s Knowing Bros

Joon Park knowing bros

Joon Park was a guest on JTBC “Knowing Brother” twice. The first time he asppeared with Lee Soo-min on episode 26, and the second time was on episode 141 with (G)IDLE’s Yuqi, NCT’s Lucas and GOT7’s BamBam.

On episode 26, when the guests were arriving, the MC’s were always happy to see female guests rather than male guests. There was a quiz section to get to know guests trivia information. He was given the nickname of L.A Kim Heung-guk by MC on the show. Most of the time, Joo Park liked to tease about Young-chul’s appearance and pinch Ho-dong’s cheek. Joon Park showed his affection for Kang Ho-dong not just by pinching Ho-dong cheek, he also made a children poem for Kang Ho-dong.

On episode 141, he made a shocking entrance from a window. Joon Park greeted every MC in a daring way, even pinching Kang Ho-dong’s cheek again, like the last time he was on the show. Unlike his first appearance, he shared a lot funny stories and made everyone laugh because of his style.


Joon Park’s Youtube Channel

Joon Park Youtube Channel

Joon Park opened his YouTube channel with a video on June 1, 2018, using the name Wassup Man. Before he opened his own channel, he uploaded his vlog on another channel, called Studio Lululala, with the first episode on February 26, 2018. Because it got a lot of love and support, he decided to open his own channel and use it to upload various content. On Wassup Man  the videos were already subtitled, so international fans could stay updated and understand what the performer was saying. Currently, Wassup Man already has more than 1.7 million subscribers.

There are 50 episodes Joon Park already shared. The latest video uploaded was on February 8, 2019, and has already gained more than 11 thousand likes and more than 730 thousand views.

Joon Park’s Love Life

Joon Park love life

Joon Park’s love life is always worth following. When he was discovered to be dating in 2001, it led to the breakup of G.O.D. That’s when he decided to leave Korea and pursue an acting career in the United States. However, Jhe returned to Korea in 2014 to re-unite with the other members of G.O.D for their 15th anniversary. Since then, Joon Park has been active in the Korean entertainment industry as a singer and entertainer under SidusHQ.

Now, Joon Park already has his own small family. He married his non-celebrity girlfriend, Kim Yoo-jin, who previously worked as a flight attendant. They had been dating for a year before decided to get married on June 26, 2015, at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Gangnam, Seoul.

Joon Park and Kim Yoo-jin welcomed their first child, a daughter, born on May 10, 2017. He’s shared photos of the child, calling Kkong Kkong.

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하느님의 축복과 사랑하는가족들과 많은여러분들의 사랑과축복으로 오늘 5월10일 2017 봄날애 우리 꽁꽁이 꼬맹쓰 공주님이 아주 건강하개 탄생했음니다 매애앤~! 난 인재 파파쭌! ^^ 감사함니다 여러분~! 빼애앰~!!! With the Lord's Blessings and my loving family's Blessings and all our loving friends and fans blessings, on this Glorious Spring day of May 10th 2017 my Princess was born~! And she is Very Healthy and Strong! Now I am PAPA JOON!^^ Thank U EVERYONE! BBBAAAMMM!!! #지오디 #fangod #박준형 #JoonPark #BabyJoon #ThankYouGOD #MyDaughterIsBorn #Family #꽁꽁아건강하개태어나줘서너무고마워오랜시간기다리느라고생마났어글구울멋찐와이프너무고생만았구너무너무수고했어넘멋쪄둘다땡큐글구넘살랑해 #글구울사랑하는가족들의많은영양과써포트덕분애내가인재아빠가됐어항상고맙구더고마워다들사랑해 #글구울팬쥐꼬맹쓰들두많은좋운글들과선물들과써포트너무너무땡큐매애앤글구살랑햐매애앤 #아직은태어난지몃시간박깨안돼서쪽꿈쬬글쬬글쓰하쥐만그래두아빠눈애는니가너무이뿌구기뜩하다꽁꽁아글구쪽꿈있음더욱더꽃처럼활짝피워서더욱더이뻐질꼬야내꽁꽁공주님♡♡♡♡♡ #울꽁꽁이머리카락쓰는쭌닮아쓰숫만쿠꼬불꼬불쓰근대재발크믄머리결은안닮구부드러웠음내꺼처럼둑껍구쑤샘쓰처럼뻣뻣안돼길매애앤 #울꽁꽁이뿌개아주잘키울깨요매애앤 #GodBless #FamilyIsBEST #MyPrincess #Birthday #SeoulKorea

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Joon ParkInstagram Feeds

Joon Park Instagram

Among all the G.O.D members, Joon Park is the most active on social media. He’s used Twitter and Instagram to interact with fans. Joon Park’s instagram, @godjp, has more than 615,000 followers, and more than 1,500 posts. His last update was on February 4, 2019, as he greeted everyone with wishes for a Merry Lunar New Year! BBBAAAMMM!!!

Besides his personal schedule, he’s also busy with his schedule as part of G.O.D. G.O.D released the album Then & Now on January 10, 2019, for their 20th anniversary. His Instagram shared this moment with his group for the fans. This moment from behind the scenes, trip to Spain, concert and many other posts have delighted G.O.D fans.

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요오우~ 다들 인재 9 more days 있음 10월11일 jtbc 11pm~ 우리랑 같이거를꺼내 매애앤~ 빼애앰 Yo~ Everyone in 9 more days on October 11th at 11pm on JTBC~ We get to Finally "Walk Together" BBBAAAMMM!!! #지오디 #fangod #박준형 #윤계상 #안데니 #손호영 #김태우 #g5d #JoonPark #YoonKyesang #AhnDanny #SonHoyoung #KimTaeWoo #god #JTBC #같이거를까 #디드어우리다섯형재의Journey를여러분들하구나눌수있다니깐설래내매애앤 #Journey #편집하나두안했음조캣다매애앤왜냐믄하나하나의순간이너무소중햇구요올라뤼웃끼구재밌었끼때문애차암나 #Spain #CaminoDeSantiago #Santiago #SeoulKorea #Kpop

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요오우~ 이럭해 우리의 20주년 서울콘은 또무사희 마무뤼쓰~ 항상많은실수들과 부족함을 채워주구 우리를 항상사랑해주고 열씸희 응원해주고 항상 기운을주는우리 팬쥐꼬맹쓰들 덕분이다~ 우리 팬쥐꼬맹쓰들 한태 항상고맙구또고맙다구 그러구 살랑한다는말을해주구싶구또해주구싶다~ 항상콘서트할때 노래와댄스말구도 더만은걸주고싶구 내가배워온길들을다알려주구싶구 뭘항상더 해주구싶다 그래두 보족하개 늣껴진다..왜냐면 진심 가족들이기때문이다 You Truly Are My Pride Power and Strength on whatever stage I stand.. 다들 살랑한다! 자..우리인재 쫌만재충전하구 나머지 콘서트때 또 빡씨개달리는거야 뭔쥐알쥐 매애앤! 빼애앰!!! Yo~ we safely concluded our 3 day 20th Anniversary god "GREATEST" Seoul Concerts! And as always, as most shows have, there were some mistakes/technical difficulties etc… but again as always our fangod gave us the strength love and support and filled in all our inadequacies to conclude our shows safely and I cannot thank you enough! Whenever we hold our concerts and we meet with you all I feel that I want to give you more than just our songs and dance… I wanna share with you all the knowledge that I have acquired thru out my life and even that feels not enough… thats because we are fam! So I just wanted to say once again Thank you and I love you all you ARE MY PRIDE POWER and STRENGTH on whatever stage I stand! Whew sorry for the long ramblings… sooo now we have a few weeks til the rest of our tour begins again sooo EVERYONE get fully recharge and when we meet again we will rock the house once again! Til then… BBBAAAMMM!!! #지오디 #fangod #박준형 #윤계상 #안데니 #손호영 #김태우 #g5d #JoonPark #ParkJoonHyung #지오디20주년콘서트 #지오디콘서트 #familyisEVERYTHING #가족은모든것이야 #불알친구가쵀고야 #오늘은해쉬태그안쓸깨미국말루두번역해서쓰다내눈사퐐쓰됏어차암나 #SeeYouInBusanAndDaegu #Wassupman #와썹맨 #두갈꺼같해 #빼애앰 #SeoulKorea #Kpop #p.s. 요사진들은 고화질쓰가아니야 고건나중애나와^^

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요오우~ 오늘은 불금쓰 그러니깐 근냥 신난거올린다 매애앤~ 기릿! 빼애앰!!! Yo~ just cuz it's Friday Night here in Seoul! Let's Git It! BBBAAAMMM!!! #지오디 #fangod #박준형 #윤계상 #안데니 #손호영 #김태우 #g5d #JoonPark #ParkJoonHyung #YoonKyesang #AhnDanny #SonHoyoung #KimTaeWoo #불금쓰 #FridayNight #god20thAnniversary #god20주년 #ThenAndNow #니가있어야할곳 #2019Remix #PlaceWhereYouNeedToBe2019Remix #불금인대소올찍희박깨는요올라뤼쓰추워서어름금쓰그니깐놀러나가드라두몸따뜻하개하구조심희다녀매애앤 #아니믄집애일찍드러가서얼릉새수하구발꼬락쓰딱구분식집애서떡복끼쓰랑뜨건오댕쓰아니믄쨔장면짬뽕쓰아니믄치킨이나시켜먹구태래비보다가일찍기죨쓰해매애앤 #빼애앰 #SeoulKorea #Kpop

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Joon ParkLatest News

Joon Park and G.O.D Then and Now

Joon Park is currently active as entertainer and singer. G.O.D is busy promoting their latest album, Then & Now. Joon Park also active as a youtuber on the “Wassup Man” youtube channel.

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