Get Closer With South Korean Actor Cho Yoon-woo (Age, Height, Weight, Drama, Movies, and Etc)


Let’s Get To Know Korean Actor Cho Yoon-woo

Cho Yoon-woo (조윤우) is a South Korean celebrity underneath King Kong Entertainment from Starship. He surfaced in 2011 at the play teitled”Flower Boy Ramen Shop”.  He famous for his acting KBS’s drama show entitled”Hwarang: The Poet Patriot Youth” together with Park Seo-joon,” Park Hyung-sik, Do Ji-han, Choi Min-ho out of SHINee, and past the Scene (BTS) penis Kim Tae-hyung or V.

Cho Yoon-woo’s Profile

Title: Cho Yoon Woo (조윤우) Birth: July 27th, 1991 Zodiac : Cancer Height: 183 cm Weight: 63 kg

Fascinating Truth About Cho Yoon-woo
  • He had been born in South Korea
  • He graduated in Dong-Ah Broadcasting College with a major in Broadcasting and Entertainment
  • He’s near the cast of this play Hwarang: The Poet Patriot Youth” for example Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik, Do Ji-han, Choi Min-ho out of SHINee and past the Scene (BTS) manhood Kim Tae-hyung or V

Cho Yoon-woo’s Dramas, Films, and TV Shows

Cho Yoon-woo surfaced in 2011 in play show entitled”Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop” out of TVN. From He surfaced until today, he’s acted in complete of 13 play show as throw, 4 since cameo, and two films.

1. Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop

The very first play show is now TVN’s”Flower Boy Ramen Shop” at which he played with Woo Hyun-woo. The play is really a Romantic comedy starring Jung Il-woo, Lee Chung-ah, Lee Ki-woo, Park Min-woo, also Cho Yoon-woo. The play tells the story of an arrogant son of a massive company entrepreneur who ended up operating at a Ramyeon Shop.

2.  Only an Ordinary Love Story

The next play is”Just a Regular Love Story”  out of KBS2 that beamed in 2012. It is a four episode tv play, and it is part of play special series that’s a weekly schedule on KBS2 which has multiple brief episodes of a play with another cast, director, and author for each narrative. This play starring Yoo Da-in and Yeon Woo-jin and Cho Yoon-woo played the role of their young Han Jae-kwang.

3.  K-Pop The Supreme Audition or K-Pop The Extreme Audition

The next play is”K-Pop The Ultimate Audition” or”K-Pop The Extreme Audition”.  The play dipped in 2012 on Channel A. He performed Han Dong-woo, and participated in the audio track entitled My Fantasy. My Fantasy from Cho Yoon-woo, K-Pop The Supreme Audition OST

4.  Dating Agency: Cyrano or Flower Boy Dating Agency

“Relationship Agency: Cyrano” or”Flower Boy Dating Agency” is the fourth most Flower Boy string out of tvN. The previous three string would be”Flower Boy Ramyeon Shop” at 2011,”Close Up Flower Boy Band” at 2012, along with”Flower Boys Next Door” at 2013. The play culminated in 2013 and starred Lee Jong-hyuk,” Choi Soo-young, Lee Chun-hee, also Hong Jong-hyun. The play is based upon the romantic comedy movie entitled”Cyrano Agency”. The show is all about a dating service that makes romantic situations to their paying customers to have sufficient cash to conserve the old theatre. Cho Yoon-woo played with Ah-rang, who had been a 19-year-old high school student who dreams about turning into a theater actress.

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