Complete Friendship Moment Compilation of Yoongi/Suga and Jimin That You Need to Know


Suga and Jimin on BTS Run!

During the few episodes of the BTS variety show, BTS Run! fans also took notice of YoonMin’s closeness.

In a fan forum, a fan made a recap of a few YoonMin moments throughout the show. Their moments include them standing next to each other often, joking around, and even a part where they have a role-play confession.

Not only that, but on the YouTube platform, the fans also dedicated a bunch of fanmade videos to celebrate their moments.


Suga and Jimin on BTS FESTA

BTS Festa is an annual event where BTS celebrate their debut anniversary with A.R.M.Y. The annual celebration includes many gifts, like new pictures, funny profiles, video content, special songs, radio programs, and more. This celebration takes place for 10-14 days starting from either the 1st, 3rd, or 4th of June. This year, BTS FESTA 2019, started on the 3rd of June.

During the BTS FESTA, it’s not seldom that Suga and Jimin have cute moments together. One of the moments is when Suga said “I Love You” to Jimin, as seen in the compilation clips below.


Suga and Jimin on BTS Concert

During BTS’ ConcertsJimin and Suga are also often joking around. Suga and Jimin even have a performance together for a song titled “Tony Montana,” made by Suga, who is using his stage name Agust D and is a part of an album mixtape.

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