25 Interesting Facts and Full Profile of DAY6’s Drummer, Dowoon


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Get Closer With DAY6’s Drummer, Yoon Do Woon

Many folks today believe a band is only a true band if this band has a drummer. In Day6, the position of the drummer is inhabited by Yoon Can Woon, who is also the youngest crew member in the category. Although the information about Dowoon is still limited, in this guide, Byeol Korea will explain to you all about Day6’s Dowoon, beginning out of his latest profile, his era, his entertaining facts and funny, and also the discovery of his gut and tattoo. So, stay tuned!

Full Profile of Day6’s Dowoon That You Need to Know


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  • Real Name: Yoon Do Woon
  • Stage Name: Dowoon
  • Nickname: Douner
  • Date of Birth: Seoul, 25 August 1995
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Blood Type: O
  • Height: 177 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Zodiac Sign: Virgo
  • Chinese Astrology: Pig
  • Siblings: 1 (older sister)
  • Position: Drummer, Maknae (the youngest member in the group)
  • Specialty: Drum
  • Training Time: 4 months
  • Agency: JYP Entertainment
  • Education: Busan Arts College
  • Personality: Quiet and a little shy in public, but very active and talkative when he is with his friends

25 Interesting Facts About Day6’s Dowoon That You Don’t Know


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  1. Dowoon began to play the drums when he was three years old.
  2. Day6 members confessed that Dowoon is the most handsome member.
  3. A lot of individuals believe that Dowoon looks like EXO’s most popular member, Oh Se Hun.
  4. Dowoon has a female cat named Hosun.
  5. Dowoon also possesses a pet .
  6. Dowoon enjoys to put on the busand ride it away.
  7. During Every Day6 Concert in December 2017, Dowoon has been requested,”What is the very best thing you’ve done in your lifetime?” And he replied,”I have met our My Times (the title of DAY6’s fan club)”. Aww, how sweet!
  8. Dowoon said that he does a physical exercise for his chest.
  9. In Day6’s dorm, sometimes Dowoon wants to sleep in living area together with his mosquito tent rather than sleeping with additional Day6 members.
  10. Dowoon admitted that he doesn’t have many friends.
  11. Dowoon stated that in on one occasion, he played the punch machine, also cracked his foot. Hmm, maybe he punched it too hard?
  12. Dowoon said that his vocals could be clearly heard on Day6’s’Freehagae’.
  13. During DAY6’s concert in October 2017, Dowoon’s drum sticks are busted, but contrary to what you may expect, Dowoon was even more excited and exhilarated.
  14. About Day6’s fansign about 10 January 2018, a lover asked Dowoon regarding exactly what foods she needs to eat if she visits Busan, and Dowoon totally recommends’gukbap’ (rice soup) since it is but one of Busan’s specialties.
  15. Dowoon felt nervous during Day6’s club performance, since PIA (singer) performed before his band.
  16. According to Young K, Dowoon includes an IQ as high as MENSA members. Wow, what a brainiac! But first things first, we need legal proof!
  17. Based on Sungjin, Dowoon will be the sort of person who speaks and thinks later.
  18. According to Day6 members, Dowoon’s strength is his deep voice.
  19. Dowoon’s favorite Korean note is’Hwaiting!’ (Fighting! You can accomplish this!)
  20. Dowoon’s favourite food is meat.
  21. Dowoon’s favorite film is My Name Can Be Khan.
  22. Dowoon’s favourite ice cream flavor is green tea.
  23. Dowoon’s favourite color is red.
  24. Dowoon’s favorite music genre is jazz.
  25. When told to draw a brain map, Dowoon added’My Day (the title of Day6’s fan club)’, clinic, classes, family members, clothes, cutting fingernails, and waking as much as his daily concerns and actions.

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