Complete Facts and Details of Kangta’s Love Story Rumor (Relationship, Scandal, and Clarification)


Clarification of Kangta

After rumors of Kangta and Woo Joo-ahn dating circulated, Woo Joo-ahn had time to apologize through her Instagram account to Kangta and Kangta’s fans. On Friday, August 2nd, they both apologized and clarified their relationship through their respective Instagram.

Kangta wrote,

Hello, I’m Kangta.

I apologize for causing problems for many people with my personal problems. After breaking up with Woo Joo-ahn last year, a few days ago (around the end of July), I met her. After that, we still kept contact. But because a video that was filmed before we broke up was accidentally posted on Woo Joo-ahn’s personal Instagram, it led to a situation that confused everyone. The post that she uploaded yesterday evening had been sent to me before she posted it. After talking, we decided to end our affinity from now on.

Since this is a predestined relationship that ended beforehand, I don’t want to hurt Woo Joo Ahn anymore, and once again, I want to apologize for having troubled many people because of my personal matters.

Woo Joo-ahn wrote,

Hello, this is Woo Joo Ahn.
I caused trouble and concern over the past few days due to my mistake…
There were misunderstandings in the articles, so I uploaded the post yesterday after a discussion with Kangta.
Afterward, we decided through a discussion to end our relations at this point.

I once again want to express my apologies to Kangta’s fans, who must have been hurt due to my accidental post, and to Kangta, who deserves love from the public.

I especially, really sincerely apologize to the fans. Even if you hate me, I earnestly ask that you forgive me and let go of the anger. I hope speculative articles will not be spread.

Please, reporters, I ask this of you.

Latest News About Kangta


Kangta, a senior South Korean singer from SM Entertainment, has recently been in the spotlight because of the spread of intimate videos with ex-girlfriend, Woo Joo-ahn. The girl whose real name is Han Ga-eun is a racing model and a former member of the girl group. Through Instagram, Woo Joo-ahn uploaded a video where she and Kangta were flirting with each other. Claiming accidentally, the video was immediately deleted. SM Entertainment as Kangta’s agency also released a statement that their relationship had been ended several years ago.

The case turned out to have a long tail. Kangta was apparently absent at the SMTOWN concert on August 3, 2019. Kangta’s name was not addede on the official website of SMTOWN Japan. “Kangta who was originally scheduled to participate in the concert, resigned because of his health condition. He has tried to be able to appear on stage again, but it seems difficult,” SM Entertainment gave a statement on the site.

Not only that, on Monday, August 5, 2019, Kangta released an official statement saying that his new song must be postponed. Kangta, originally, was scheduled to make a comeback with his latest solo song on August 4, 2019. “I will cancel the release of my new song, which was released today, and also my concert and musical drama. Because there are many activities that I have planned and I cannot take “I will try to take steps with the smallest possible negative consequences,” Kangta said in his official statement.

He said he was sorry for disappointing and hurting the fans who had supported him so far, with this personal problem. Kangta feels there is no reason that can be used to cover up his carelessness. “Because I am a senior and loved for a long time, I should also be able to live my personal life better. There is no reason here and everything happens because of my carelessness. I will reflect on myself and try my best to become someone who is more mature,” said Kangta then.

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