Complete Facts About Super Junior’s Heechul Became Fans of Ahn So-hee


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When Ahn So-hee stepped forward to ask questions to the Knowing Brothers members, Heechul suddenly started asking “If you don’t mind, can you show us?” With a confused face, Ahn So-hee answered “This scene, you mean?,” to which Heechul answered with the sentence, “I mean your heart,” which left both of them feeling shy and the other members feeling disgusted. After that, Heechul said he really hated the movie that Ahn So-hee starred in because of her kissing scene, and laughed shyly.

Then Ahn So-hee said that it was just a movie. When Ahn So-hee started asking her questions, Heechul suddenly answered by saying “I got it. You like milk. And it was something cute,” he also added “I got it. ‘So Hee. Here Milk’. I love you,” while walking like a demonstration of children who might walk towards Ahn So-hee, and making a heart shape with his hands to Ahn So-hee. Both of them smiled shyly because of that, which made other members become noisy. Then Heechul tried to explain that “She said he confessed his love in a cute way,” and laughed.

Then, the other members felt confused because of Heechul, who continued to feel happy all day and turned shy because of the arrival of Ahn So-hee, the girl of his dreams who had been idolized for a long time by Heechul.

Kim Hee-chul Evidence Since 2009

Super Junior’s Kim Hee-chul is known as the senior idol member who is closest to many girl-group members, calling Ahn So-hee, a former Wonder Girls member, as his ideal type for the 10 years since 2009, on the Knowing Brothers program. Previously, Heechul mentioned Ahn So-hee as his ideal type on Family Outgoing, Come to Play, Taxi and others. Heechul doesn’t seem to be able to move on from the former visual Wonder Girls, even though lately he often seems flirty to TWICE’s Momo.

During the program, Ahn So-hee, who learned that Heechul was indeed a fan of hers, asked if she was still his favorite girl. She apparently often watched other Knowing Brothers episodes and saw Heechul who was often ‘sassy’ to other female guest stars. Heechul later revealed that his ideal type until now was Ahn So-hee, and although he liked Momo and others, Ahn So-hee was his ideal and favorite type. Because of his nostalgia, Heechul kept a picture of Ahn So-hee when he was in military service.


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