Facts and Information About Go Hyun-jung’s Controversy That You Need to Know!


Go Hyun-jung’s Faces Lawsuit Following Her Departure


Her departure turned out to have impact on her in the future. In August, 2018, she faced a lawsuit from an advertiser for a health food company. It had been part of the aftermath of her sudden departure from Return and the physical assault allegations. They feared that the controversies might damage their image, so, as a result, they terminated their contract with her and filed a damages suit against her. According to Soompi, her agency commented on the issue, “It is true that Go Hyun Jung is currently facing a lawsuit. We do not have anything more to say.

Latest News About Go Hyun-jung

Go Hyun-jung’s latest drama is My Lawyer, Mr. Jo 2: Crime and Punishment, which is the sequel drama of My Lawyer, Mr. Jo from 2016. It aired from January 7 to March 26, 2019, on KBS2. The drama was based on a webtoon series titled Neighbourhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho, by webtoonist Hatzling (Kim Yang-soo). Go Hyun-jung became the female lead with male lead co-star Park Shin-yang, who starred in the first season of drama, as well. Watch one of the teasers below!

Up until now, we don’t know what actually happened between Go Hyun-jung and the drama Return‘s PD, as both the agency and SBS made very different statements. However, the actress sure has reflected a lot on what happened, not to mention the fact that she has had indirect consequences in the form of a lawsuit from an advertiser, and maybe other stuff, too. We may as well keep supporting her and hope other artists will take a good insight of this incident.

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