Facts and Full Information About Hyuna’s Controversy as a Solo Artist That You Don’t Know!

Hyuna Byeol Korea

Hyuna at Seoul Waterbomb 2019


July is a summer in Korea, some artists perform outdoor concerts and wear minimal clothing and they use water spray from the stage and play water together with other spectators. However, Hyuna was exposed to controversy with her appearance at the 2019 Seoul Water Bomb, many say that Hyuna’s appearance was considered cheap.


Reporting from Allkpop, netizens did not like her choice of outfit for the event leaving negative comments in online communities saying,

“She looks so cheap”
“She just keeps getting weirder and weirder…”
“Dirty… she just oozes cheapness”
“Aren’t her shorts too short? It’s basically at her underwear line… especially for a concert that kids are going to be watching?
“This is so, so, cheap. Why isn’t someone arresting her ???”
“Why does she even bother to wear clothes at this point.”


Other netizens criticized her recent lip controversy and said,

“All I can see now are her lips since her controversy…”
“I still can’t believe she claimed that it was an overlip and she doesn’t look sexy anymore just ugly and funny lookin …”
“I don’t see old Hyuna anymore..just a Jessi wannabe..”

Well, what do you think of her performance? Is it too much?

HyunA Lifted Her Skirt During Performance


In September 2019, Hyuna was involved in a controversy with her appearance, she was lifting her skirt during the college festival performance. During a performance of “Bubble Pop”, HyunA surprised her back dancers and concertgoers when she suddenly lifted up her skirt to reveal her booty on stage. Though it seems the singer wanted to have some fun, there has been a bit of controversy about her unexpected exposure.

Regarding the controversy that happened to Hyuna commented on the video. Reporting from Alkpop she said, “The festival I went to yesterday was at a university, and right by was a simple bar with alcoholic drinks. It was a party where everyone could have fun partying. Please ease your heart, and don’t worry.”

Well, you can watch her video here and what do you think about it?

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