Complete Facts About Gangnam City That May You Don’t Know!


Plastic Surgery


Gangnam is also the center of cosmetic enhancement surgery. The Gangnam District is the home of 496 clinics which is a third of the countrywide total of 1,469.

This makes South Korea an attractive destination for people looking to make a change in their appearance by being a medical tourist. In 2011, the country’s income from medical tourism income reached $116 million, double from five years earlier, according to government statistics.

Among these is the Grand Plastic Surgery Clinic, where surgeons offer procedures for the rounded eyes and pointy nose (mostly requested) which have become the standard of beauty in Asia. Uh Chul, a cosmetic surgeon said, “A lot of people want to be like they are in Hollywood. There is glamour to it.”

This plastic surgery in Beverly Hills of Seoul was ranging around $1,500 to $2,000, for eyelift while a nose job, hovers around $3,000 to $4,000 depending on the hospital.

It is, of course, an influence from the spread of the Korean Wave. And, most importantly, the quality of the surgical work is not behind the American doctors: they are competitive and offer high-quality work.

Gangnam Face

Everyone knows that in South Korea it is quite common for a celebrity to have undergone plastic surgery, among which is a former 2NE1 member. Gangnam face or usually called Gangnam unnie stands for a girl who has done a lot of plastic surgeries and has become the epitome or signature of the look.

K-Pop is no exception to this trend and the most popular job in terms of plastic surgery is the double eyelid surgery. Gangnam Unnie did such a plastic surgery to look beautiful.

Basically, if you have big eyes, a small defined nose, small lips, and a v-shaped face, you’re the standard of beauty in Korea, and people spend thousands of dollars to get this effect.  However, nowadays with Korean wave spreading at a high pace, foreigners from Vietnam, Russia, and China are increasingly visiting Korea as medical tourists and make South Korea enter the top three countries known for medical tourism in 2018.

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