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Complete Facts About Gangnam City That May You Don’t Know!

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Visit The Most Popular District in South Korea – Gangnam

People who love the Korean wave must know about the Gangnam District, the place that drew the attention of many people because it’s the center of the Korean entertainment industry. There are a lot of popular entertainment agencies such as SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and other managements. This place also once went viral after the song by PSY titled “Gangnam Style” reached the top of almost all the popular music charts. Let’s find out more about what’s going on in Gangnam in this Byeol Korea article! Stay tuned and keep scrolling down!

The Gangnam District

Gangnam is a busy district that is quite the popular travel destination in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. Gangnam literally means “South River.” This district is also known as the Beverly Hills of Korea, like the one in California.

Gangnam is offering luxury since it is not just the center of the Korean entertainment industry but also a place for prestigious companies like Samsung, Hyundai, and other worldwide popular brands. Moreover, the shopping store must not be forgotten, they have luxury stores like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Giorgio Armani, Banana Republic, and many other world-famous fashion lines. There is also the biggest mall in Seoul located in Gangnam called COEX Mall.

Gangnam has many things to offer and has become a place that never sleeps. So many people visit Gangnam for many different reasons including the one listed below. Let’s check it out!

Popular Café

There are several cafés that come highly recommended in the Gangnam District. Overall, South Korea has interesting and cute cafés spread all over the region, and they are quite exceptional to Gangnam. Below are listed some of the recommendations you need to know.


Dessertree is a glorious place for you to enjoy an incredibly tasty dessert. This place will mesmerize you with their exceptional dessert plating situation and the flavor of the food.

Dessertree which is built by Dessertree proprietor and pâtissier Lee Hyun-hee has brought authentic culinary art from Paris, such as authentic French chocolates, creams, and pastries in multiple courses. While diners can order à la carte, dessert enthusiasts should opt for the café’s set menu which includes an amuse-bouche, petit-fours, and a choice of a main dessert with tea or coffee. Like on professional chefs’, each dish stands out in both taste and presentation, and features high quality, seasonal ingredients. You can see the pastry chefs at work if you arrive early and grab a spot at the bar.

Line Friends Café Garosu-gil
This cafe has a lot of reviews saying “a cute place to take pics.” Yes, this Line friends café never seems to disappoint people who visit it. The café has some Line characters in small to large sizes that draw people to stare at their cuteness. 
These are some of the comments from people who have visited the café, taken from Trip Advisor:
“Line Friends is such a popular place to see in Korea, and Line Friends Cafe is just located inside the Life shop, I enjoyed myself a lot at the shop and rest at the Cafe and enjoy the view, a cute place to take pics!”
“Nice and cute place to take pictures. We did not check the cafe, checked the shop and their cutesy merchandise. Take pictures as many as you can.”
“A must visit place for LINE fans. It is a 3-story shop and the LINE café at LG B1. They have a lot of LINE merchandise where you can buy for yourself or as a gift. Besides, you must prepare to queue up to take a photo with big Brown~
We have tried the brown mini hotcake as well where it is the winter special menu.”

They have several floors to explore and the dessert food and everything is served in a level of high cuteness that even you could barely eat them. Such a must-visit place for someone who loves cute cafés!

Chloris Tea & Coffee

A café with the most delicious milk tea in town is Chloris Tea Café. The scenery is meant to portrait a classic decoration style and it looks very warm.

Some reviews left by the customers on Trip advisor are saying,

“We ordered coffee, Earl Grey milk tea and a piece of carrot cake. The cake was rather normal, but I personally loved the tea served here. It is just of high quality I should say. I definitely will visit again!”

“Had the cottage cream latte and the Mille crepe cake. Both were quite nice and I especially liked the cream on the latte even if it was just cream. I’ve never had a Mille crepe cake before but I would say that this one was quite delicious, however not life-changing. Music and atmosphere were also good and it felt reminiscent of higher tier tea places in London. Come here if you’re a lover of cozy tea places.”

Looking so delicious to visit! Definitely a must-visit place!

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