All You Need to Know About Details and Facts About BTS’ V’s Vape Juul

taehyung bts

Meet the Duality King of BTS, Kim Taehyung!

Taehyung who was born in 1995, already grab a lot attention from the fans and even locals. He currently the only BTS member that has the most search views on Google since his early debut days in 2013. Taehyung visual were always been discussed as well, even plastic surgeon in Korea acknowledge that his face structure are perfect enough.

He was also known as the member who is very free spirited and opened with the fans, Taehyung will always tells the truth about his feelings and always do what he likes without any worries from the toxic fans. A couple times Taehyung were caught to have some Juul, which makes the fandom around the world shocked about it. Well is it true that he uses Juul on daily basis?

Well then Byeol Korea is here to answer the question, so without any further do let’s get into our topic for today!

Rumored to Vape A Juul, True or False?

taehyung bts

Around February 4th, 2019, Taehyung uploaded one of his self painting artwork on BTS official Twitter account. But this picture became a scandal, it was all started after an eagle eye netizens pointed out that a small grey rectangle metal at the bottom of the photo that looks a lot like a Juul device.

taehyung bts
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Juul itself is a popular alternative way to smoking a regular cigarettes. Even thought many people claimed that Juul is much more safer and less harmful than cigarettes, it contains much more addictive nicotine which is also not good for health.

Because of the picture, netizens accused Taehyung for vaping a Juul (or also known as electric cigarettes). Netizens began to spread the rumor , some of them were disappointed, criticized him for sneakingly smoking, tries to stop him and even