All You Need to Know About EXO’s Chanyeol’s Solo Songs


Chanyeol’s Others Solo Songs

Besides all of that, Chanyeol has released another solo song. Showing his versatility, he can sing, rap, and produced the song himself.

Here some Chanyeol’s solo songs:

SSFW (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)

On April 25, 2019, Chanyeol released his first official solo single, titled SSFW, which stands for Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, so this song can be enjoyed in every season. It’s an upbeat pop ballad with groovy instrumentals that makes the most of Chanyeol’s warm, mellow vocal tone.

He has released a variety songs in association with other projects and collaborative tracks in the past, but “SSFW” is his first official release as a soloist. “SSFW” was released through SM Entertainment’s weekly SM Station 3 digital release project.

Considering his popularity, less than 24 hours after its release, it soared on charts around the world. Many people have had a very positive response to this first solo effort.

Don’t Go Today (오늘은 가지마)

In July, 2017, Chanyeol was showing off his beautiful voice with his cover of Don’t Go Today by Im Se-Joon on his SoundCloud. We’re more used to hearing Chanyeol rapping rather than singing, but his vocals are no joke.

Hug Me – 안아줘

In July, 2016, he did a cover of Hug Me from Jung Joon-il. EXO-L from all over melted hearing the high notes that he could deliver so well.

Hand (손)

Some time ago EXO completed their “EXOPLANET # 4 – The ElyXiOn in Seoul” concert tour. At every concert, each member was given the opportunity to give a solo performance.

Chanyeol always performed his song Hand. Fans loved seeing him get to rock the stage solo. Hand is a song with rap elements about wishing you’d held onto someone when you had the chance.

When the tour was over, fans who don’t have the chance to go to one of the concerts still wanted to hear Chanyeol’s sweet voice in the song, so he spoiled his fans by releasing a digital version of the song.

Of the songs Chanyeol has done, which is your favorite?

Park Chanyeol EXO

It’s very clear from looking at everything in this article, Chanyeol is truly a multi-talented and remarkable idol.

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