All You Need to Know About EXO’s Chanyeol’s Appearances in ‘Law of the Jungle’ and Other Variety Shows!


Chanyeol in Salty Tour

Chanyeol also participated in Salty Tour, with Sunny from SNSD joining him to get going to Los Angeles, California with a small budget. Salty Tour is a variety show where cast members will have to go tour to a designated place with only a limited budget to do it with.

This episode of the program aired on May 26 at 10:30 PM KST on tvN, and also featured comedian Park Na Rae and Park Myung Soo. Chanyeol was the person who got to drive while they were in Los Angeles, although he was the youngest one. He said, “Personally, I love to drive,” he added, “When will I ever get to drive like this again in LA?” During their first car ride in LA, Park Myung Soo expressed his enthusiasm by claiming, “A world star is driving!”. The member also commented that the sky in Los Angeles felt more “open, with a different view, compared to Korea’s.

While they were all having a meal in LA, Sunny said that they were missing the chance to enjoy the ocean view while they were eating. But Chanyeol, who love french fries and Coca Cola, responded that the most important thing right then was eating. Looking to Chanyeol, who eats like hungry monster, Jung Joon Young replied, “Wow, Chanyeol knows how to eat.” Moon Se Yoon also observed, “He is eating fast that he’s getting ketchup on his face.” A hungry Chanyeol responded, “I can’t help it. I have to eat.” The other group members even suggested he should join an eating competition and he might be the winner. Once he was finally done with his meal, Chanyeol said, “Now I feel alive again. I feel so much happier.

When they finished having their first meal, Chanyeol was so fast figuring out how much of a tip to leave that he surprised the other members of the tour.

Watch the video clip of hungry Chanyeol on “Salty Tour” below here!

That’s everything about Chanyeol’s appearances in various variety shows. It looks like he enjoyed every program and has numerous talents beside singing and dancing. Stay active and cheerful for Chanyeol EXO, we are rooting for your other reality shows ahead!