All You Need to Know About EXO’s Chanyeol’s Appearances in ‘Law of the Jungle’ and Other Variety Shows!


Chanyeol EXO’s Appearances in Variety Shows

Chanyeol is one the most popular members in EXO, a South Korean boy-band that debuted in 2011. Chanyeol, who has the full name Park Chanyeol (Hangeul: 박찬열), got into the SM Casting System in 2008. He was with Suho and Kai, another EXO member, and did short performances in a TVXQ music clip called  HaHaHa Song in 2008. He also appeared in a video clip of Girls Generation’s Genie in the Japanse version. After his debut with EXO as a rapper in 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun on Desember 29, 2011, he become more popular and worked his career into several variety shows on television. Let’s read more about Chanyeol’s appearances in several variety shows below, stay tuned.

Chanyeol in Law of the Jungle

Law of the jungle is a variety show that shows us how the survive in the actual jungle. Kim Byun-man is the most experienced person on this show, and they often invited new guest stars to join them and survive in the jungle. First, Chanyeol appeared in Law of the Jungle in Micronesia. Micronesia is an island located in the Pacific Ocean near Guam. Some of Chanyeol’s core fans disagreed with his decision to join the variety show since it there was a real chance that he could get hurt. Chanyeol, who is the cheerful and positive member in EXO, decided to go anyway and we could see that he had a real knack for starting fire with a few simple tools while he was in the woods.

This episode of Law of the Jungle had the theme “The Lost Kingdom”. Chanyeol brought his favorite guitar to the show, but in the end he couldn’t bring to the location because they need to get into water to reach where they needed to be. During the first days shooting Law of The Jungle, Chanyeol said he was really careful about his about appearance in daily life, but now he took advice from Byun-man to not think about how he looked in the jungle, but just to enjoy himself and feel comfortable during the show since they will have to survive in the jungle with limited circumstances.

There was an episode where they split into teams and each team had a mission. Chanyeol get a mission to make the base layer for their temporary shelter in the jungle from banana leaves. He had to cut the stems of bananas to get the leaves and he succeeded in his task. Not only can he rap and dance, but also in survive in the wild. He also helped Byung-man get coconut leaves, but Jong hyuk, who also joined to climb and cut the leaves, hurt his hand and had to be taken to a doctor. Chanyeol was sad and cried to see Jong Hyuk’s condition. After small Jong hyuk had a operation, Chanyeol was glad to see him recover and was grateful to the doctor who helped his brother. Chanyeol is really a compassionate person.


In the next appearance on Law of the Jungle, Chanyeol was invited to go to Brunei, South East Asia. The episode in Brunei was themed “The Hidden Kingdom”. On this episode Chanyeol given the challenge of eating various kind of interesting, but unappetizing-looking food.

In episode 175, Chanyeol  was on the episode that had a chapter called “Last Hunter”, where he experienced eating monkey meat. At first he couldn’t stand it, but after several tries he admitted that it tasted like beef.

They also tried eating monkey brains. Chanyeol said it tasted like cream, with a soft texture.

In the second episode he tried to eat sago caterpillars. He agreed that the top tasted like sweet popcorn. One sweet and touching moment from the episode was when Chanyeol and Seo Hyo Rim made homemade candy and they gave it to some children after they were given a welcome dinner by the locals.

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