Let’s Find Out About EXO’s Suho and Xiumin’s Relationship, Bromance Friendship!


The Leader and The Oldest Member of EXO: Suho and Xiumin

It is a common thing to pay attention to the interactions between the leaders and maknaes of idol groups since it usually means an interaction between the oldest and the youngest member. But for EXO, the leader is not the oldest member as is typical. Suho, the leader, is actually the second-oldest member member of the group. He used to be the oldest when EXO was still divided into EXO-K and EXO-M.

Now that the units have united, he isn’t anymore. Suho, who was born in 1991, is a year younger than Xiumin, who was born in 1990. Many fans have observed their interactions in many situations. How do they get along? Are they close to each other? In this article, Byeol Korea will break down the moments betweeen Suho and Xiumin, and examine their closeness with a bunch of pics, gifs, and videos! Stay tuned!!

XiuHo Moments

Partners in Variety Shows

In 2013, to promote their repackaged album XOXO, with the title track Growl, EXO became guests on MBC’s Weekly Idol for the second time. During the program, the members were asked to dance a girl-group dance. Suho is known to like dancing to SISTAR’s songs. He partnered with Xiumin and they danced to Give It To Me. The audience was impressed by their smoothness of their dance cover.

In 2014, EXO had a variety show that aired on Mnet, titled EXO 90:2014. In one of the episodes, the members are gathered and dance to their own song. Xiumin and Suho happen to be partners and danced to the song Overdose together.

In 2018, EXO came made an appearance on JTBC’s variety show Knowing Brothers for the second time. Xiumin confessed that he doesn’t have any friends other than his fellow EXO members, then Heechul said that both Suho and Xiumin are outsiders (aren’t sociable so they don’t have many friends). Suho replies that he and Xiumin had asked the producer to reduce their broadcast footage because he is a serious person. When asked why he didn’t like the attention, Suho said it was so the other group members could get more screen time. However, both Suho and Xiumin were roasted by Heechul who said that for someone who doesn’t like attention, they turn out to stand in the center. His quip made everyone laugh.


Not only on variety shows, their moments can be found in their concerts, too. In their EXO’luXion World Tour, the group performed their song Playboy. For the chorus, they would be paired and do the partner dance. It was rather a sensual dance, so the fans went crazy over it. Suho and Xiumin were partnered for this performance and we can’t get enough of their interactions!


In the same world tour, when they visited Osaka, there was a moment when Sehun made Xiumin hug Suho’s back and pretend to kiss his cheek. However, Xiumin played along and brought his lips closer to Suho’s cheek while Suho tried to hold it in.

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In another concert, Sehun brought Xiumin face to face with Suho. He then pushed their heads closer but both Xiumin and Suho tried to resist it so hard. Unfortunately, before they could get any closer, the show had to continue and Sehun had to stop. Still, thanks to this evil maknae for making this precious moment happen!

On April 14, 2015, they did a fan-signing event in Jeju. The weather was so cold and windy that Xiumin started shivering and tried to hold it. However, Suho, who stood beside him, noticed and immediately hugged him from behind to keep him warm. Even though it lasted only for a few minutes, it lasts forever for us who have seen it.


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