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Here Are The Crazy Things Sasaeng Have Done To EXO!


Everything You Need To Know About Sasaeng Fans The Fanatical Fans Who Act Out Of Bounds

The South Korean domestic entertainment industry is famous for being extraordinary. New idols that appear can quickly get the spotlight, not just from the media but also with their fans. However, being an artist there is not always fun. In addition to the fierce competition in the industry, Korean idols must also face Sasaeng. What is Sasaeng? In Korean, Sasaeng means personal life. Sa means personal and saeng means life. That is, sasaeng fans are fans who enter the personal lives of their idols.

A Sasaeng is arguably a fan of extreme, disturbing, and even threatening flow to the lives of their own idol artists. For a long time, since around the 1990s, this extreme fan culture has flourished in Korea, and continues even to this time. Their actions certainly make Korean celebrities and idols furious. Moreover, their excessive devotion coupled with technological sophistication makes it easy for the Sasaeng fans to spy on their idols.

Not only spying, there have also been sasaeng who have tried to enter their idol’s houses, chased their idols on the street, followed them to their hotel room and the men’s toilet, and tried to kidnap their idols. One example of celebrities who have been dealing with sasaeng fans is EXO.

In this article, Byeol Korea will show you some of the crazy things done by sasaeng fans of EXO that potentially endangered and threatened the safety of the members. Stay tuned!

Touching Members without Their Consent


Fans began to encourage each other to see Luhan at the airport. When Luhan fell, the fans didn’t help him, but started groping his body instead. Baekhyun lifted him with an angry-looking face. This happened when EXO arrived at Gimpo Airport, and this was not a threat. Instead it was recorded by Korean News Media ‘MyDaily’.


Stealing D.O Boxers


Not just once or twice, sasaeng fans of EXO have done extreme things. This controversial event was allegedly due to a message posted on Kakao Story.

“I sell Do Kyung-soo’s (D.O) underwear,” this was written by one sasaeng fan, who also posted a photo of underwear. In this message, this extreme fan also said that she took her own underwear to EXO’s dorm.

This Sasaeng said if she had a hard time entering EXO’s dorm. Crazy again, this sasaeng mentioned that if there is hair stuck to these underwear, that buyers could check the DNA of the pants owner. Not only underwear, sasaeng fans have also claimed to have socks. The fan was planning to take Sehun’s underwear the next week, and would open a pre-order. According to her, EXO-M’s dorm was so tight that she could barely get through it. The most absurd thing was that these fans also sell hair.

Attending Baekhyun Brother Wedding


Sasaeng fans are often known for their perseverance in stalking their idol. They do not hesitate to enter any area, and do not care if it interferes with the privacy of others as long as they can finally meet the idol.

This happened at the wedding EXO’s Baekhyun’s brother. At first, the sasaeng fans managed to hide. However, when EXO appeared, sasaeng fans also appeared and scrambled to take photos of the members until they sat down.

Not stopping there, the sasaeng fans also did not care about the procession of the event, and continued to take photos and ask for the members’ autographs. During the family photo session, sasaeng fans immediately ‘attacked’, joining the flurry of picture taking.

Following Members During Their Private Time


On Thursday night January 14 2016, Chanyeol updated his Instagram account with a photo, inserting a caption, “I want to know why you guys always go this far when we have a good day. I’ve told SNS beforehand that I really hate when things like this happen. You really have gone too far.”

In the photo, Chanyeol photographed the white car that had followed his car. It had been learned that that night, the group hung out to celebrate Kai’s birthday.

As we know, this is not the first time Chanyeol has experienced it. Previously, EXO’s rapper gave a warning to sasaeng fans through an Instagram account when his car was followed in China.



Not only annoying and disgusting, Sasaeng love confessions can also be very dangerous. Some of EXO’s sasaeng even went so far as to cut their own bodies to prove that they are different from other fans.

Set Up Hidden Cameras


Outrageous sasaeng tales return to the K-Pop world. This time the stalker was seen installing a hidden camera in the hotel where EXO was staying. The stalker even managed to install some hidden cameras in the hotel gym. In the video from this hidden camera there is a photo of Suho playing sports.

In the middle of exercising, Suho suddenly covered his face and called security. Then, he pointed to the hidden camera. That wasn’t the first time there was an incident with a hidden camera. Luhan, a former EXO member, also experienced the same thing when the fan’s camera was in his hotel room.

In that incident, Luhan’s photo was taken while he was doing makeup in a hotel room, and it was spread to cyberspace. The responsible sasaeng or Korean star stalker is indeed an anarchistic one, as if he was not afraid of being sentenced to prison. Netizens who saw Suho’s photo immediately expressed their anger. They didn’t think the sasaeng should be referred to as a fan, because of their behavior broke the law.

Breaking into Their Dorm

On June 21, 2019, it was reported that in April, a pair of Chinese sasaeng tried to break into Chanyeol’s studio in the Yeoksam area. A woman who was in the studio alone at the time had recorded sasaengs who tried to break in, and sent it to Chanyeol. After receiving the video, Chanyeol reported the incident to the police. Chanyeol’s agency, SM Entertainment, confirmed the report. “A report was submitted after repeated incidents involving Sasaeng, who have tried to enter the studio used by Chanyeol and MQ,” SM Entertainment said.

When asked about the identity of the woman who was in the studio at the time of the incident, the source from SM Entertainment explained that she was the crew who worked on the music there. “Because violations of privacy that cross the line have disturbed and harmed our artists, we ask people not to take such actions,” SM Entertainment said.

Calling and Sending Bunch of Texts to Their Private Numbers

In December 2015, Chanyeol and Sehun surprised fans by appearing on V App without prior notice. These two EXO members immediately acted crazy on V App at around 3:00 in the morning local time. When Chanyeol and Sehun was busy greeting EXO-L (EXO fans), it was known that a sasaeng had called Sehun’s cellphone.

Not just once, this sasaeng called Sehun every three minutes. Chanyeol immediately told Sehun to set his cellphone in vibrate mode, but still this sasaeng didn’t stop calling the singer of “Love Me Right”. “Who is this? Stop calling me!” said Sehun. Sehun’s sentence apparently didn’t make him give up, as the fan still called his idol.

Surprisingly, this has also happened during other EXO V App shows. At that time, Chanyeol, Sehun, Baekhyun, and Suho were busy greeting EXO-L while in a car. A desperate sasaeng called Chanyeol several times until Chanyeol picked up.

Hello who is this?” Chanyeol asked. Chanyeol then explained to Suho and Baekhyun by saying, “Foreigners keep calling me and asking about oppa. Can we show the number of people who called us? Hmmm, I don’t think so.”

Ahhhh, I also got a call from an unknown number,” Sehun said. “What’s the number 5474?” Chanyeol asked, which was immediately answered “Yes” by Sehun.

Almost Kidnapped EXO Members

Sasaeng fans who went too far even tried to kidnap their idols. There was once a fan who rented a van exactly like EXO’s van, and he arrived just as EXO came out of the building, and the members had almost entered the van. Luckily, EXO’s manager soon realized the truth, and then called the members and said that it was the wrong car.

That was all for the information about some of the crazy things done by sasaeng fans of EXO that have endangered and threatened the safety of the members. Don’t forget to give your thoughts in the comments below!