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Everybody has already heard about EXO, and people talk about them everywhere. EXO is the boy group under the populer and largest management agency from Korea, SM Entertainment. The group was debuted with 12 members and two sub-units, EXO-M and EXO-K. In 2012, EXO did their debut stage on various music programs on Korean TV channels, such as on KBS Music Bank. 

Would you like to know more about EXO’s performances in the comebacks they did on Music Bank? In this article Byeol Korea will give you all the information about EXO’s performances on Music Bank. Check this out!


On April 8, 2012, EXO made their first debut with the single “MAMA.” They released two versions of the single, one in Korean and the other in Chinese. For the music video they released on April 7, 2012 they used an outer space concept, presenting themselves as aliens that came down from a planet named EXO, and each alien had a supernatural power.

EXO performed on various music programs such as Music Bank, on April 18, 2012. With six handsome boys with mysterious vibes, EXO was able get the attention of many of the people that watched them. At the time, they were all in black outfits with leather jackets, in keeping with the concept they used for the single.

In their appearance on Music Bank, they looked very cool, especially for being a brand new group. They didn’t only show their dancing skills, they also had extraordinary vocals! Take a look at their performance in the video below!


After their debut with MAMA, the group made their comeback in August 2013 with Growl, and they released two versions of the music video as compared to the previous video, which only had a single version. The first music video for Growl was released on July 31, 2013. As usual, their performance showed each sub-unit version (EXO-M and EXO-K) in the video. They look casual with suits and white shirts, like school students, and the accompanying music video used a simple setting, only in a old building or basement.

The second music video was released with a special in August. EXO first released the video with the full membership, all 12 members made in one frame, and of course, with two versions,  one Chinese and one Korean.

This song has a simple-casual concept with retro-electric music with a touch of the dance composition from the members. They did their comeback on Music Bank at the end of August. They wore pretty much the same outfits as in the music video, with the only difference being the color of the suit, and the shirts they wore in the video were replaced with white ones. Their performance gave an impressive view of their dancing, and this song received two awards at Music Bank in the songs second and third weeks post-release.

If you want to see their performance on Music Bank, please click on the video below!

Call Me Baby

Call Me Baby was EXO’s comeback in 2015, but unfortunately for this comeback, the group only had ten members left. EXO released the Call Me Baby music video with a concept that was similar to their previous songs, with a retro-dance or pop-dance genre and shooting the video in a basement.

EXO promoted it on Music Bank, and nearly achieved an all-kill with a lot of trophies. They promoted their comeback on Music Bank on April 3, 2015, with the same outfits they wore in the music video, with a twinkle jacket or clothes with chain accessories, such as the hip-hop concept. On April 10 and 24, they still did a promotion with their performance on Music Bank, only their outfits were different, with red and white jackets combined with alphabet-patterned shirts.


Next, on July 17, 2016, EXO made another comeback to appear on Music Bank with Monster, but by that time they had lost one more member and the group was down to nine members. They made their comeback with beat music in the song and cool dance movements that fit the title, Monster. This song was really strong and gentle. The outfits that they wore were very adaptable to the concept and the title song; they were wrapped in all-black outfits and seemed strong. Take a look at their performance!


After making a comeback with Monster in June, in August the same year they released a new single with the name Lotto or Louder. In this single, they use a hip-hop concept, wearing pink and white outfits. They showed it on Music Bank by giving an amazing performance. The song was easy to listen to and had cool choreography that left the audience mesmerized and they watched the group perform.

Ko Ko Bop

This song is really different from any of EXO’s previous comebacks, and has been widely talked about among fans because of that fact. The group released the song in July 2017, along with a music video with a colorful aesthetic that generated many theories about it. EXO made a comeback on Music Bank on July 21, 2017, with the same outfits as in the video they released.

Check out EXO’s comeback on Music Bank by clicking on the video below!

Love Shot

On the 2018 album ‘Don’t Mess Up My Tempo,’ they returned with the lead track Love Shot. This was one of the most-awaited comebacks by EXO-L. Love Shot is a song included in the ‘Hook Song’ category, or Pop-dance genre. Their performance on Music Bank used a slightly sensual concept, which was amplified by the compelling choreography that made their performance look so perfect! The outfits that they wore were blue, red, white, and grey suits which gave a masculine impression.

If you guys are curious, you can watch their performance below!


In 2019, EXO made their next comeback by releasing the album ‘Obsession,’ with a title track of the same name. Their latest comeback successfully attracted the attention of many people because the concept that they used is EXO’s hallmark. In December 2019, they performed on Music Bank with dark outfit that gave a grunge impression. As with Love Shot, in this appearance EXO also made their fans scream because the clothing worn by one of the members was very and showed his abs.

Those were some of EXO’s performances on KBS’s Music Bank, with each the comebacks that they made. In your opinion, especially for EXO-L, what did you think of them? Among of their performances, which comeback is your favorite of all the time? Don’t forget to write your answer in the comment section!