Complete Information About EXO Members’ Jersey Numbers and Their Meanings

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All You Need to Know About The Mystery Behind EXO’s Jersey Numbers

I think the headline is enough to trigger your curiosity about the truth behind the mystery. If you remember, EXO once used a school concept when they made a comeback in the middle of 2013.

Wolf was the title track from their first album, XOXO. The 12 boys themselves came up with the 12 different power signs they had on their hands. Not only did their signs, the teaser, and their songs that catch fans’ attention, so did the numbers on the jerseys that they wore.

Did those numbers have a meaning? was it a kind of clue to their next comeback? Keep reading to find out.

EXO Members’ Jersey Numbers and Their Meanings

exo xoxo album 88

There are several numbers that have been discussed among their fans. There were some pictures where the members wore a jersey with a mystery number on the back, just like in the picture above.

As you can see, in that photo all the members are wearing the same number on their jersey, 88. In Morse code, 88 stands for “hugs and kisses”, tying in with the title for that first album, XOXO, which is just another way of expressing the same idea. In other pictures, though, the group members are wearing jerseys that have different numbers on the backs.  What about those numbers?

exo xoxo jersey number

There are differences between the jersey numbers of Suho and Luhan. The previous image shows you that Suho’s jersey number is 7 and Luhan’s jersey number is 77. The next picture shows Suho’s jersey number is 1 and Luhan’s jersey number is 7. But, the number that both members use is the second one, which may be because Luhan’s and Suho’s numbers clashed. The meaning of their numbers will be explained after this.

EXO Members' Jersey Numbers 2

Suho – 1

suho 1

Suho is the leader of EXO-K. The number ‘1’ stands for his role as the leader. Along with Kris, the two of them make the number ‘100’, since they are both the leaders.

Kris – 00

kris 00

As explained before, Kris’s number, 00, stands for 100 since they are both the leaders.

Xiumin – 99

xiumin 99

Ninety-nine is the some of 11+88. 88 is the number that stands for the album title and 11 represents his appearance as the 11th member for the teaser.

Luhan – 7

luhan 7 jersey

Luhan really loves soccer. His favorite soccer player is Cristiano Ronaldo, whose jersey number was 7 when he played for Manchester United.

Lay – 10

lay 10

The number 10 stands for his birth date and, in Chinese, there is the idiom ‘十全十美 shi quan shi mei’, which means perfection.

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