From Zero To Hero Here Are EXO Kai Transformations Throughout The Years!


Look At EXO Kai Transformations!

Who doesn’t know about the boy group EXO, especially their youngest member, Kai? The man whose real name is Kim Jongin joined EXO when he was only 13 years old, and of course he had special talents so he could join SM Entertainment as a group member. The charm he showed certainly made his fans want to meet him in person, which they do by attending EXO’s fan meetings, concerts, or other live events. How is Kai’s visual that’s so amazing that fans are compelled to give him their attention? What has his transformation been like from his pre-debut days to becoming a famous idol?

In this article, Byeol Korea will give you his transformation throughout the years! If you want to know more, stay tuned!



Kai has always had a strong desire to become a dancer. Before his debut, he had been studying dance since he was eight years old, with a focus on jazz dance. Kai has desire to be a dancer because when he was in elementary school, he saw a performance of ‘The Nutcraker’ ballet, and he immediately started learning ballet.

Because of his hobby he developed the desire to become an idol, and he got support from his father and family to audition for SM Entertainment by taking part in the S.M Youth Best Contest in 2007. Kai won the contest and, when he was 13, he managed to become part of SM Entertainment as a trainee.

Not only that, during the year he became a trainee, he appeared on TVXQ’s music video for the song “HaHaHa Song” along with fellow EXO members Suho and Chanyeol.

On December 23, 2011, Kai became the first EXO member to be revealed by SM Entertainment. Kai’s teaser video was uploaded by SM Entertainment on SMTOWN’s YouTube channel. In the video, he shows off his dancing accompanied by EXO’s song “My Lady.”


Before releasing their debut single, “MAMA”, in March 2012 they released a prologue single with the title “History.” In this song, they use the concept of superpowers with a music video that looks like a short movie. The group demonstrated their vocals and their ability to dance, and viewers got a chance to take a look at their visuals, including Kai’s.

In this song, Kai still looks very young and natural. Moreover, his hair is still black with a slightly messy hairstyle. Because this song carried the concept of superpowers and was set on another planet, the outfit that he wore had to reflect that. He wore a black and silver outfit made from a slithery material.


In the previously photo Kai wears a silver shirt with a black leather jacket, but the photo below shows Kai’s visual which look perfect in his sleeveless black outfit.

Unlike the previous two photos, in the third photo Kai wears a white, long-sleeved shirt and a white baseball cap with the number 78, coupled with a small chain necklace.



for the “Growl” comeback, EXO used a casual hip-hop concept. In the music video, the EXO members only seemed to show their dancing skills, such as the group’s ‘dancing machine,’ Kai. He wore a casual outfit with a black jacket and black shirt, plus he had a black cap that he wearing backwards, as well.



As previously mentioned, EXO carried a casual concept against the set of an old basement. Kai wore a jacket and shirt that resembled a school uniform. Even his hair color looked slightly brown with a messy style, which made him look even more like a rebellious student! But in the last picture, Kai looks cheerful in his blue jacket, like a happy student with a natural face!



In every era, Kai always makes a transformation. We could say that we can see his growth, as in the “Overdose” era. In 2014, EXO made their comeback with “Overdose,” in this era they showed their charisma with a more mature concept than they had previously used.

Each member did a photoshoot for a photo teaser/photo concept, and Kai also did a photoshoot, like in photo below. Kai looks like gangster, with bold eye-makeup and messy blonde hair.


Just like the photo concept above, in the two photos below are from one of the photoshoots for “Overdose,” where Kai wore a long white shirt, and again was seen with bold eye-makeup that makes him look a little spooky. Even though the concept is more mature, there’s still the cute visual side of Kai to be seen.


Call Me Baby

In 2015, in the “Call Me Baby” era, they used a masculine concept that gave a sweet impression. In the photo below, Kai wears a blue jacket over a black t-shirt. This time, Kai’s hair isn’t in a messy style, but instead looks very natural!


Meanwhile, for the two photos below, Kai is using blue headphones and eating candy. His white shirt, blue turtleneck, and layered chain necklaces make him look very masculine, and his ‘baby face’ visual has disappeared.



The “Monster” era was one era whose concept really suited Kai. The concept used is like a monster (looks scary) but also looks badass with a touch of blood, like a human who has courage and is not afraid of anything. You guys can see Kai’s face in the photos below!


Ko Ko Bop

for the song “Ko Ko Bop,” they use summer vibe and aesthetic concept, with a shirt which has a coconut tree pattern. In the first photo, Kai looked really handsome when he did a pose looking back over his shoulder, with jet-black hair and a rather light-headed hairstyle.


Kai also did several other photo concepts, all of which stuck to the same summer-vibes concept. In this era, Kai made his comeback with dreads, which was the most unusual thing he has done during his career with EXO. Even though Kai still looks good with this dreadlocks, it sparked some controversy because many people criticized his hair, saying it was offensive to black people.


“Tempo” is a track from the album Don’t Mess Up My Tempo, which was released in 2018. In this era, they used masculine themes with darker fashion. Likewise with Kai, he wore a short-sleeved shirt with a thick, dark brown fur jacket. At the time, his hair is black mixed brown, and he had a mullet hair style.


Wearing an oversized shirt with wide stripes and sitting on a big motorcycle, Kai looks like part of a motorcycle gang. His appearance is increasingly different, and of course, everything he wears looks really good on him.



“Obsession” is the group’s latest comeback in 2019, and has an evil twin concept. Kai did a photoshoot for “Obsession” with green hair and a short jacket that exposed his abs. Even though at first people thought his outfit looked strange, Kai is very fond of fashion so there was no problem for him with the clothes.

Because the concept is evil twins, the eyes are given a red effect with makeup so that the concept that they used can be adjusted, as the photos below!

Rover – Tumblr

Actually, Kai’s transformation ‘from zero to hero’ doesn’t look so drastic, it’s just that his face has become more mature and his body can be called “body goals”.  So, those are the transformations of EXO’s Kai throughout the years, ranging from baby-faced to handsome man. Among the photos above, which of his transformations do you like the most? Don’t forget to put your answer in comment section!