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Check Out The Meaning Of EXO Kai Tattoos

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Let’s Find Out More About EXO Kai Tattoos On His Body

At present, tattoos are no longer a taboo in most societies. Even so, some people still consider it a “negative” phenomenon tied to delinquent behavior and loose morals. For fans, a tattoo is a work of art. Not just an art, tattoos turn out to have their own meaning for someone, especially K-Pop idols. Yes, some K-Pop idols do have tattoos on their bodies with unique shapes and touching meanings.

Tattoos in South Korea are still considered to be a quite sensitive topic. This has caused some K-Pop idols to hide their tattoos. However, not a few are confident in showing off their tattoos as a means to express themselves and healing, including K-Pop idols. Many idols decide to cover their bodies with meaningful tattoos which will always remind them of important things in life.

One K-Pop idol who has a tattoo is the main dancer of the popular boy group EXO, Kai. This EXO member who has exotic skin has a tattoo on his hand. In a live on Instagram, Kai also told his fans that the tattoo is the signature of his father. As you know, Kai has been left by his father, who died in 2018. In the 2019 Exploration concert, he regretted that there was no father behind him. For that, he wants to pay homage to his father through a new tattoo on his left hand.

In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with a full rundown of everything about the meaning of EXO’s Kai tattoos. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down.

EXO Kai Tattoo From The ExplOration Concert

During the EXO concert titled EXO Planet #5 – The EXplOration in Seoul in July 2019, Kai was seen wearing a temporary tattoo that made fans excited just by looking at it. Some of the tattoos that adorn Kai’s body include the letters K, A, I and the teleportation ‘force’ logo on the fingers of the left hand. There is also a tattoo that says ‘HERE I STAND AS A MAN’ on his chest. In addition, there are some kind of animal pictures and streaks on his arms.


Kai revealed that the tattoo was the design by his father, who died last year. During his Instagram live, Kai revealed that he wanted to pay special tribute to his late father with a tattoo. He mentioned that tattoos with animals and other pictures were made by his father because he wanted to use them in storybooks for his grandchildren.

“During our concert, I want to pay homage to my father who helped me become an artist. But not in a sad way. My father drew this to make storybooks for Rahee and Raeon (Kai’s niece and nephew) so I wanted to draw them on my body,” said Kai. In addition, Kai also mentioned that he had his father’s signature on his arm. “This one is actually my father’s signature,” he explained.

Another tattoo that reads “Here I Stand” is something Kai’s father told him to grow up and become an extraordinary person. The tattoo is on the chest so that it can always be remembered by him.

For those of you who don’t know, Kai’s father passed away in 2018 due to a chronic illness. The singer whose real name is Kim Jong-in then explained further about the tattoo through a live broadcast on Instagram. Kai’s father during his life was called an art teacher.

EXO Kai Thoughts About His Tattoos

When Kai participated in a photoshoot with W Korea for the September 2019 edition, Kai took the time to answer some questions raised by the magazine. One of them was when Kai was asked if something had happened to him lately as Kim Jong-in was not EXO’s Kai, and he showed a temporary tattoo that he got based on his father’s image. When asked if he had ever gotten an original tattoo or not, Kai said, “No, never.”

In addition to sharing his thoughts on tattoos at EXO’s solo concert, Kai also answered several questions raised by the magazine during the interview session. In a joint interview with the W Korea magazine, Kai shared in detail personal information about himself and then at the end of the interview, Kai said,

“This interview was really fun. I had a lot of fun with the photoshoot, and I think this will become a good memory for me. I also hope that this becomes a good memory for those who are watching right now. I hope you have fun while watching this, and please show a lot of love for EXO as well.” (Kai said as quoted by Soompi)

Latest News

Kai Becomes First Korean Celebrity to Star Gucci Brand Advertisement with Chinese Actress Ni Ni

Kai had previously several times been a model for the famous fashion house Gucci. Not infrequently, the member of the EXO boy group attended the invitation of the fashion event held by the Italian fashion house.

This time Kai lined up to become a global brand ambassador of Gucci and became the first Korean celebrity to appear in a brand ad founded by Guccio Gucci. In a video of approximately 1 minute that was released, Kai collaborated with Chinese actress Ni Ni.

In the video, Kai shows his fashion sense, which is now playing with a gray blazer and wearing a brown hat and sunglasses walking in a music store. Whereas Ni Ni looks cool with a brown sweater and a bling-bling headband and glasses.

The advertisement made for the latest S/S 2020 product campaign from Gucci was immediately captivating for fans. Many claim to be more in love seeing Kai’s appearance with his cool fashion style. Especially, before his ex-girlfriend, Jennie made it into the GQ magazine list as a celebrity with the coolest appearance.

Kai Is On The Cover Of Elle Korea Magazine For The April 2020 Edition!

EXO’s Kai did a photoshoot for the cover of the April edition of Elle Korea magazine. During the photoshoot, Kai is said to have amazed the team with his natural ability to create a certain atmosphere in each pose.

“The photoshoot (for Elle Korea) was very comfortable and fun,” he said. In addition to talking about fashion and responses to Gucci’s global ambassador eyewear, in this edition, Kai also opened his voice about the family.

Kai said, he recently spends a lot of time gathering with family. “I learned many things by looking at the lives of my oldest sister and my mother. My family members are seniors in my life,” he said.

A full interview and a series of Kai photos will be available in full in the April 2020 issue of Elle Korea magazine.

That was all the information about the meaning of EXO’s Kai’s tattoos. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment box below!